Fast farming lightning build

First off, let me say english is not my native language, i'll do my best to be as accurate as possible.

1) the build :!dVX!bcZZac

pros :

-Lightning hydra procs paralysis with a proc coeff = 1.

-For some unknown reasons, piercing orb procs Apoc extremely fast. It also procs paralysis and electrify with a proc coeff = 0.770 (that's huge for a ranged aoe skill)

-Storm chaser gives your piercing orb a 196/392/588% damage bonus every few seconds. The storm chaser lightning bolt also does proc paralysis and electrify with a proc coeff = 1.

-Storm armor does proc paralysis and electrify (and area damage), and again, the proc coeff seems to be 1 for paralysis (still 0.1 for electrify and LoH).

-Every skill on your bar increases your damage output AND your survivability thanks to paralysis

-Mirror image does huge damage in Torment 1-3. (actually in T1 i don't need to do anything, mirror image and storm armor kill everything)

cons :

-Electrify does nothing against single targets. But shocking aspect does :)

-Every skill has a "random" component. Hydras/clones attack random enemies. Energy twisters move randomly. Shocking aspect and electrify hit randomly. Piercing orb path sometimes avoid enemies and it makes you cry. But that doesn't make the build bad, it makes the build FUN ! Blue things everywhere on screen

-Huge visual noise. (Just like almost any wizard build actually)


2) How to play

So how to play this build ? That's simple.

Against non-elites mobs, just use Storm chaser once, then piercing orb once, it will launch the storm chaser bolt with 196% weapon damage, repeat.. SC > PO > SC > PO. That means every piercing orb will basically do 214+196=410% weapon damage.

Against elite mobs, spam storm chaser, use piercing orb everytime you get 3 lighting charges.

Always have hydra and mirror image active.

This build is for LOW torment (1-3) runs. If you want to play in T4-6, make sure you have good enough gear (basically the following legendary items), or remove lightning hydra and take Slow time - Point of no return. The combination of Duplicate and Point of no return will stun everything in range. Each bubble stuns for 3sec. You can have 5 active bubbles at the same time. Slow time/Mirror image have a 15sec cooldown. See what i mean ? :)

Use the Templar follower with both heals.


3) the items

Armor :
Increases lightning damage, has guaranteed LoH roll.
Best random rolls : crit chances, socket
Increases your survivability to godly levels.
Best random rolls : lightning damage, crit chances.
Increases lightning damage, increases lightning resistance a lot, has its own electrified affixe (not GREAT but still does nice damage).
Best random roll : Increases Shock pulse damage
Summons 2 clones when you stun an enemy. Clones last for 15sec, they do 100% of your damage, and they use the following skills :

-Spectral blade - Thrown blade
-Spectral blade - Flame blades
-Wave of force - Static pulse
-Energy twister - Wicked wind
-Shock pulse - Piercing orb
-Arcane orb - Obliteration
-Slow time - Time and space
-Frost nova - unknown rune (most likely Bone chill or Deep freeze)

Best random rolls : Lightning damage, attack speed, crit damage
Another paralysis passive... Just awesome. I don't know if it stacks with paralysis but i guess it does.
Best random rolls : crit chances, crit damage, attack speed
Increases damage against elites, increases lightning damage, +7-9 AP.
Best random rolls : crit chances, crit damage

Weapon :
Increases lightning damage, Lightning hydra can proc the effect, pretty sure Storm armor can do it too.

The effect has no internal cooldown as far as i know, this is awesome.

More hydras, more paralysis procs without doing anything.


Alternative options :

Mirror image Duplicate -> Teleport Calamity. Not lightning damage, does less damage, but it stuns and gives a better mobility.

Shocking aspect -> Scramble/Reactive armor. Use Scramble if you want fast runs, use Reactive armor if you're so sick of these mobs attacking from distance in act 3.

Piercing orb -> No rune. Yes, no rune, because living lightning proc coeff sucks, and because it's cool to be the only one in the world to play that skill. No rune has an even better proc coeff than piercing orb (0.931), and it's better than piercing orb when you're surrounded by 3 elite monsters. Quite situationnal though, but still fun.

Astral presence -> Blur, if you feel comfortable with your current regen and want more toughness.


And that's it ! Tell me what you think.
I was lucky enough to get the haunt of vaxo, thundergod's vigor and ancient parthan defenders.

I tried it on Torment II - and it works fine. It was fun to see all those lightning hydras zapping away! The shadows from amulet also did a lot of the killing because the stuns were going off constantly.

It also worked in Torment III, but I had to do a lot of kiting, particularly if it was a nasty elite. The trash died fairly quickly. But, I just don't think I have the gear to steamroll this difficulty yet. I need more crit damage and EHP, and don't feel like spending too much with RoS just around the corner.

With more damage, this could be a fun build even in the later torments, I'm sure.

Even without all of the gear this build was good fun. When you have duplicates up and all of them spamming orbs, tornadoes, and hydras- it's definitely quite the display.
Excited to try this out, Thanks for posting!
I like the items section you added to the guide!

Added your build here:
03/10/2014 12:26 PMPosted by Hope
I like the items section you added to the guide!

Added your build here:

Thank you man :) !

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