I am a noob again

Can someone help me figure out what sort of sustain I should be stacking for a channeling build? I know LS is going away and LoH used to not proc well with disintegrate, archon, SS and torrent so what should I be stacking for life return?
Only Life Regen. It seems that it'll scale a lot on level 70.

LoH still doesn't scale well with channeling builds, unless you're using Arcane Torrent, which is has better proc coefficients. But don't worry about it until RoS. Use LS. Be happy and grind paragons.

And I know you're not noob. :)
I never was not a noob. I just got ok at the AH.
So, check out Dolynick's spreadsheet


Go to the ApoC-LoH tab, and put your information into the grey boxes on the upper left-hand corner. For you,
CC 44.5
APS 1.586
APoC 19
Passive Regen 10
Max AP 100

and....drumroll.....you can sustain casting Disintegrate/Chaos Nexus for about 19 seconds. And, since I'm a scientist, I've actually tested out some of the numbers in game (against a single target) and they were pretty darned close. So, I'd feel good about plugging different numbers into the spreadsheet and seeing what effect the changes have.

Of course, I did my testing on Gohm, and a sustain of 20 seconds was kinda weak....I would run out of AP well before killing him. Then I was kiting all over creation waiting for AP to refill. I guess it depends on your DPS and what difficulty level that you are playing on.

I would think that in normal circumstances that 20 seconds for normal farming would be decent. If not, then you'll need to add more cost reduction. Or put paragon points into cost reduction. Also keep in mind that you are running 2 legacy APOC items (for 19 APOC). If you ever have the desire to replace them in ROS then you will only get a max of 8 APOC from those items slots (4 APOC from source and 4 from helm. You cannot roll APOC on weapons anymore). So, you can use legacy as a crutch, but keep in mind that you're going to have to have gear with cost reduction if you're going to channel in ROS with new drops.

Just for future reference, you get to about the same channeling duration if you have 8 APOC and 21% cost reduction (i.e. 4 APOC on helm, 4 on source, 7 cost reduction on 2 itmes, and 7 from paragon points). So, just play with the spreadsheet.....keep in mind that the checkbox for prodigy does not change the channeling time....you have to manually add 20 AP to your max AP and 2 to your passive regen (from 10 to 12). Also, MW/conduit is pretty awesome per the spreadsheet....i wasn't aware of that.
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