Need some tips on DH build/items

Hey guys,
My first DH iv played with, kinda became my main char when 2.0 came out.
All items are self found, a few pre 2.0.
Just need some peeps to point me in the right direction.
The skills I used are just from playin and seeing what works, never looked up builds or anything.
nice set :D

might be worth crafing now, you got some great pieces in there :D

-those pants need replacing asap. if you have any leg plans (demons or gehannas) you can craft really high stat ones. or if you just want to craft exalted grand pants, you should eventually come out with 400 stats/AR/2 sockets :)

- i suggest crafting dex amulets, shoulders and bracers. will outcraft all those slots eventually (amulet might take a while if i had to guess).

i find its worth having a hatred generator and a few spenders. i think blizz is trying to make more things viable, so you see a lot of skills are worth using now. i find the best way to find a good build is to try and match the element of your favorite skill to gear selections. bracers and indeed many items can roll +10-20% extra fire/cold/lightning etc damage. at times these bonuses can outweigh even cc in some cases. i like your andarials helm a lot :D so you probably notice your fan of knives does a lot haha. might be worth trying to craft demons bracers to see if you can eventually get another 20% physical :D
replace your non-helm amethysts with diamonds when you can
Join the community "Demon Hunters" it's open to the public. They talk about this stuff all the time.
Thanks for the reply guys :).
I'm still farming expert with this DH and hope to move up to master soon.
Should I try fin items that would add more to healing?
Fat Tony, I don't think there are too many healing based items that are worth using, especially since you are using shadow power already. I like to use smoke screen healing vapors, but I also use tactical advantage so I understand why you use the displacement rune. You could also change your sentry to the aid station rune, or drop sharp shooter for brooding if you need more sustain.

Take a look at my DH if you need some ideas on gearing. I chose to go dual xbow route because I don't have any good legacy 2H weapons and the ones ive found in 2.0 suck. Vile wards can be beaten by crafts so easily now, so definitely craft some 300 dex 300 vit shoulders.
Since you're using Entangling Shot and Frost Arrow, I'd switch out Sharpshooter for Cull The Weak.

Not sure how well Strafe works into your build. If it's for walking through units, Vault is much better. If it's for DPS, you're gonna run out using Elemental Arrow + Turret. I'd use Rain of Vengeance, a Companion, or Preparation.

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