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**UPDATE** 3/17 @ 1:15 pm PDT - Thanks again everyone for keeping us updated about the performance of your games. Please be aware that the connection issues which have been affecting our players routing through Northeastern networks is an issue that continues to be addressed. More information about that particular issue can be found in the following thread which is in our technical support forums:



**UPDATE** 3/14 @ 11:20 pm PDT- We continuing to investigate reports of high latency and appreciate your ongoing feedback (as well as the additional information you've shared in response to this post). We don't have have an ETA on when this issue may be resolved for all palyers, but it remains a priority for us at this time and we'll continue to provide updates as they become available.


**UPDATE** 3/14 @ 5:53 pm PDT - Game creation issues should now be resolved for most players; however, if you are still experiencing in-game latency, we'd appreciate the additional information requested here:



**UPDATE** 3/14 @ 4:35 pm PDT - We are receiving reports that players are able to get back into the game. Although it will not be necessary to collect further trace routes at this time, we do ask that you specifically call out whether you are able to access the game, create a game, or join in an existing one. Thank you!


**UPDATE** 3/14 @ 3:25 pm PDT - We're aware that many players have reported having lost connection to their current games and this is being investigated along with the previous reports in this thread.


**UPDATE** 3/14 @ 11:45am PDT - Hi all, If you are continuing to experience the issue with creating a game, please run a Trace Route to the following address and post that information here. Thank you!


**UPDATE** 3/13 @ 11:25pm PDT - We believe we identified the primary source of the issue affecting game creation, as well as the ability to join existing games. We've implemented a fix in the last few minutes and believe that players should now be able to create and join new games without any problems.

We'd love for players to log back in and give this a test; if you continue to experience difficulty creating/joining games, please let us know.

An important note, though: Due to the nature of this specific issue, some players may unable to join existing games (games that were created before we resolved the issue). However, you shouldn't have any issues creating new games.


**UPDATE** 3/13 @ 8:10pm PDT - Thanks for your reports! We're continuing to investigate server issues based on your feedback and hope to have a resolution soon. As more updates become available, we'll provide them here.


**UPDATE** 3/13 @ 6:55pm PDT - Please retest at your convenience and let us know if you still have any difficulties creating games, or experience severe latency. Please be aware that as we are continuing to address the issue, it may yet take a bit longer before this has cleared up for everyone.


**UPDATE** 3/13 @ 6:40pm PDT - We have identified the issue and are currently working to resolve it. We'll be sure to update the post as soon as we have more information to provide. Thanks again for hanging in there!


Greetings Adventurers,

We're currently investigating reports in the North American region concerning players being unable to create new games, and also reports regarding general latency.
Gosh can't you see its the sudden burst of popularity of increase of Cota runs creating a stress on the servers?

That and the new game.... in beta...
Anything we can post/do to help with this?
Thanks for the update; was working fine earlier today. Private games still exhibit this problem, and it's basically unplayable at the moment.
yup it bad
*sigh* Well time to go to steam library. >.> maybe time for a good game of SOASE.

Tomorrow though more diablo :D
least we have someone saying they're working on it. i'll hop in about 5 hours to see if it's fixed.
Ok blizzard.....either get BIGGER servers, or let us have offline for christsake! This is out of control >_<
I was DC'ed a few minutes earlier thanks to said lag. I approximate that my monk was around 12 steps from what I believe to be a shiny new thunderfury lying on the ground. The lag indicator of doooooom bar was an angry red, taunting my attempts at clicking on my new toy, laughing as each few steps were quickly snatched away by the insipid god of rubber bands.

I'll try to upload a picture of the bite marks in my keyboard later. My teeth hurt.
The time lag is so bad, had to quit!
Seriously, if you can't offer continuously stable server performance for hardcore characters and players... since you are so unwilling to resurrect wrongly killed characters (that is, killed not due to player negligence or mistakes, but rather by poor company serivce) then offer off line mode!

You wanted it your way, and created the AH. We proved it killed the game.

You wanted it your way, and created your DIII loot system. We proved that the DII loot system was better, and we have it now.

You want to maintain the perma on-line server status... and YOU are proving how ineffective it is.
oh nice, i'm not the only one... at least if i'm going to suffer I have a horde to suffer with :)

Blizzard S.O.S. You are our only hope.
imagine when ros releases
Unplayable fuh sho
was working great last night, now its worse than before. I for one am glad i didn't pre order RoS, at this rate it wont be playable.
Won't let me crated games long loading screen then dc.

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