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Joined a game through a clan member who had one created... HMMMMM. Anyone else try this and it worked?
Can only play solo.

Cue some Celine Dion: "Alllllll by myselfffffffffffff......."
Just an FYI to Blizz:

The problem still exists for me.
Constant 700 ms latency cant play
Seems fine on solo in HC now.
Made 2 games in a row... now I'm 10 failed in a row.
I logged in fine, but when I tried to join a game it just sat there joining.......joining......joining.... then gave me a message saying my connection to game client had been lost.
i've managed to get into a friends game...took me about 2-3 tries before it worked....pings sitting between 750 and over 2000....they're probably getting hit with a DDOS attack from all the botters that were banned recently
700-2500 latency, even on solo ...
OMFG Blizzard fixes it!! Is lack of structure or trainee put her hand?
Can't connect, auction house going down the tubes in 4 days not a good time to have a problem.
Can't create a solo game. Guess I'm off to play some MH or PoE...
Hi, logged in after you stated that some of the issues had been fixed, and hearing some of the others here saying the lag issues were better. I got into the game really fast, started playing a bit, seemed slow but was sitting at 120-150 ms, played for another 10 mins or so, all of a sudden 2000+ ms WTF is going on here, its been happening ever since the latest patch, I know you've stated that this is not on your end but it must be if I was playing fine prior to the latest patch. I am glad that you guys are working on this, but it is really annoying, god speed.
03/13/2014 08:34 PMPosted by lepepi
OMFG Blizzard fixes it!! Is lack of structure or trainee put her hand?

I'm with this guy!
Can't create more than 1 game per like 5 minutes ... just disconnects after like 20 seconds of load screen
Just found out that Marvel Heroes is releasing a Mac Client. Blizzard has until then to fix this issue :)
Hit or miss. I was able to join a single game, but every one since has been failed. I see people joining and leaving the game in main chat on the character screen though, as if they are going through the same thing.
cant go 24 hours without breaking something...
03/13/2014 08:06 PMPosted by Araxom
Hi all, I don't have any new info to provide just yet, but I wanted to drop in and let you know that the issue is continuing to be addressed. As soon as I have more info to provide, I'll be sure to update the original post.

Offline. Mode. Now.

Thanks champ.


Old Diablo Fans.
Just to drive the point home, like many others have already said, this is exactly what the RoS release will be and look like, except it will last about 2-4 weeks. Hope none of you are taking vacation or playing hooky, because you're going to be very disappointed.

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