Anybody using Hallowed Defenders Weapons

Is it worth it?
See Profile!!!
It definitely can be. I've seen some really nice ones equipped on people lately. It can burn through your common mats pretty fast sometimes though. Took over 20 times for me to roll a socket (the axe I have equipped now) and fortunately it rolled a nice str roll and vit. I rolled a mighty wep with socket after one try today (higher damage range, but no great supporting stats). Not using it as it isn't as good. Will probably try some more later to see what I end up with.
Still trying to craft a 1380+ axe with a socket and high str, but it's going to take a while I think. Probably won't matter much with the expansion around the corner.
See my profile. Got the plan when 2.0.1 went live. They are rubbish first with their dps rolls then after the recent patch, they pumped up the dps.

So this time, I was able to get a decent roll axe with str/vt socket after around 10+ tries, mighty weapon took only 1 try str/vtr with socket. So far happy with them for now.. Plus they are cheap to craft once u have the plans.
I got both of mine with 10 tries each. Getting the common debris for crafting really isn't an issue if you know where to farm for it. I like them a lot and having them allowed be to focus less on attack speed foe better dps
they are BIS for now until RoS :) got a pretty sick axe for hardcore
I think it is worth especially if you fall into the group that can't find a single decent weapon... it took me about 16 tires to craft mine. Whew got vit and strength and socket on both although vit and strength got rolled on the low end
Idk how you guys survive using these weapons with not much life on hit or life steal. I feel like i have no sustain
I'm using an ik belt and it's enough for me

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