This is how you melee grim dawn.

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03/23/2014 09:31 PMPosted by spectr3

Much as I loved Iron Lore and TQ they are only putting in about 1 day of solid work a month on this it seems.

Should I even go back to check the website or does it still have screens from 2012 up there?
You are right. I can't even argue.
I have grim dawn, it's been early access and only one playable act for like a year now, That game has failed, and yes they are releasing a second act soon... they said that so !@#$in long ago.
03/23/2014 09:37 PMPosted by Ravage
eff early access games

give me a polished finished product please

Finally someone with common sense.
There are like only 7 people working on this game so yea the development takes awhile.

Otherwise the game itself is in extremely good shape for an alpha and the devs listen to the community a lot.

I highly doubt Grim Dawn will implode or fail as a game. So far the reviews have been for the most part really good.

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