What is the first thing you will do in RoS?

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It was a back and forth decision for me. Level a Crusader first or beat Act V on another character. Ultimately I've decided to do act V first on my Barb to unlock the Mystic and Adventure mode. Then I'll be going hard on the Crusader leveling!
03/23/2014 11:28 PMPosted by leprekan
Crash with error 37 then cry in forums with everyone else.
Epiphamy fire damage looks awesome, not so awesome through with 45 sec down time(need some cooldown reduction!)
Play around with crusader to at least level 60. Then after that take my favorite character or strongest to 70 and farm for gems and maybe some lower gear for other classes for a little bit with the level requirement reduction stuff. Then take the rest to 70. I think getting gear that level 70 with a -10 to level requirement hopefully exists. Or level 63 gear with reduced level requirement rares

luckily gear that drops for say wizard can be used with wd for the int and vit and stuff. Same with monk and dh and I believe crusader with barb

Mostly it's for the larger gems though like exp ruby
I will tackle A5 with my DH as this is the character I play since launch. With A5 cleared and Mystic unlocked I will get all transmogryph plans from the 2.0 legendaries I keep in my stash for only this reason.

Then I will play a Crusader A1-A5.

From then on it will probably only rifts and bounties for all my characters (I will grip the first time legendary from Malthael, though).
Sit in the queue.
take my time with act 5 - on my barb.
Witch doctor to 70...farm as much gear as I can
get to level 70 to unlock adventure mode then play crusader
Kill monsters, get loot.
Get an error. And wait a few days for a patch. Then wait 2-3 hours to join a game, only to have 500-1000ms because their junk servers are overloaded with the extra 3 people ros brought back.
Do Act V then level a crusader or farm for some legendary crafting mats.
Joining the login queues... watching movie at the same time
03/24/2014 12:35 AMPosted by MikeAkaJB
I think getting gear that level 70 with a -10 to level requirement hopefully exists. Or level 63 gear with reduced level requirement rares

I am really curious on that one. It could potentially mean that lvl60 characters, from accounts with no RoS installed could wear lvl70 rares (which are not BoA).
I wonder if lvl70 weapons will only drop with a maximum of -9lvl req (so a character has to be at least 61 an thus a RoS character), or if the item will not be equippable by an account that has no Ros, or if we indeed will get the chance to give some good stuff to non-RoS users ...
I plan to get on my wizard and start up act 5 until I reach a good story break, either first boss or before, and then switch and make a crusader. I'll work on the Crusader up to the Skeleton King, then probably switch back to my wizard. If I enjoy the Crusader enough, there's good chance I'll be swapping back and forth. As much as I would love to see how act 5 plays out, I also want it to last a little while to make it feel as epic as possible.
Probably make a Crusader, play around a bit with that in the early acts a bit then take my other 60s to 70.
03/23/2014 11:36 PMPosted by AntonChigur
there is a 0% chance that you will be playing it on the 25th.

Have you not ever played this game before? Wednesday is when you will get to play it, with the extended downtimes and all.

The ironic thing about all the people that complained about Error 37. I logged in on the morning D3V came out and played for 4 hours straight, finished act 1 and was deep in Act 2 Normal with 3 friends. I logged out came back and played for another hours and logged out before I ever got the Error 37.

So I guess I am one of the lucky ones? I guess I even more lucky that the day of the 25th I have a full day ahead of me so won't really get to play for any real time till Thursday 27th in the afternoon. :)
Well I'd say stare at the login screen unable to connect(har har) if I was a super cool person, but since that's OBVIOUSLY not what you were asking, I'll be getting my wizard to 70 before I roll a crusader.

barb (maybe)

^ all level 70 in that order

Yes, DH first. Anyone whining about DH should L2P.

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