Wings of Valor Delivery Update - // Updated //

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I've got to say, this is pretty disappointing.
lol this is as retarded as it gets.
So you are telling me that the people that are willing to throw money right away have to wait and the people that just now though hmmm maybe i should preorder get them alright thanks blizzard can you tell jay he needs to stop doubling it.
so, you are giving the wings to the ppl buying the game NOW -.-

blzz pls
What I find funny is that ANYONE finds ANY of this surprising.
No more prepurchases for me
Such a pathetic error. The ones who supported you the longest get penalized are you kidding us?
Funny, I still have no wings and I bought the Deluxe pack about a week ago? LOL fail... Mods don't know what to say anymore.
Such incompetence, can't hardly say I'm surprised. Guess my real life wings will just have to do for now.
This is not fair.. I pre-ordered RoS since Day 1 it launched! Now I will get a delay for delivery and in other hand, the one that bought expansion today will get it immediately. It just like I'm queuing since Day 1 and somebody that queuing much far away after me will get first. Ohh.. Come on! :(
couldn't you have written the script before the 20th since it was announced to be on the 20th ages ago? or is this for rich kids to buy the game twice bs?
Get your acts straight Blizz...
Blizzard I love your products, but your ability to deliver on promises and conduct your business in the timeframes YOU set for yourself are UTTERLY PATHETIC!! You honestly cannot sit here week after wek with delayed maintenances, failed game launches, and these kind of mishaps and even begin to call yourself professional. This script/programming should have been completed and ready to go WEEKS AGO! You need to seriously look at the way you conduct business and consider a different approach or a different staff. The level expected from you is well beyond what you deliver and that is sad. Your beginning to mimic the likes of EA and that is NOT a company you want to be likened to.
This is completely unprofessional and the sheer amount of incompetence is astounding.

Then again, I was expecting something like this to happen.
So, those who pre-order RoS earlier this year or even before get punished. Way to go Blizzard, you fail... again.
So to make up for this BS, give us people who preorder RoS something else to go along with the wings to makeup for this mistake.

I'll never pre-order another thing from blizzard again.... Long live SOE Games.. :)
Blizzard is turning into riot! Or Riot is turning into blizzard.. Oh god.

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