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Well this is !@#$ed up, people who preordered a long time ago has to wait even longer, and people who preorder now gets all their %^-* straight away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ffs!!!
03/20/2014 08:03 PMPosted by Protecto
I have not got !@#$, I am sure I purchased before your script ran

You can't read good, so you get to wait even longer.
Calm down. Its some cosmetic wings.
03/20/2014 08:04 PMPosted by LordTimeless
What I find funny is that ANYONE finds ANY of this surprising.
03/20/2014 07:55 PMPosted by Lylirra
Players who prepurchased Reaper of Souls before the script completed this afternoon will experience a delay in the delivery of their Wings of Valor. We’ve already developed a fix for this delay; however, we anticipate that the secondary script we’ll need to run to get the wings delivered to everyone will not complete until tomorrow morning (Pacific Time) at the earliest. We don’ t yet have an exact ETA to share for when the wings for this groups of players will be delivered, but we’ll be sure to provide an update in this thread as soon as we do.

I preordered the first week the game was available for purchase, i now i get punished for it. Thanks.
I'd like to have a look at that script.
no i preorder today and no wing
Wow. I know its just a cosmetic thing but I buy the game early, much earlier, and I get screwed because of it. Again, I know its a small thing but next time it might not be. Not gonna Pre-order a game early from you again.
Wow... I had it preordered long ago no wonder why i didn't get my wings :( so us loyal supporters gets screwed over and the new people get to have their wings now.... I hope i get my wings tomorrow
Well, guess I will wait till morning. Thank you for an update, finally.
I'll think of all the rage in this thread when I get my wings after I preorder here shortly.

03/20/2014 07:59 PMPosted by PappaPia
So people who pre-ordered the game today get their Wings immediately,

While long time loyal supporters who pre-ordered digital ROS months ago have to wait?

Can't pull the wool over your eyes.
Well are we getting any compensation for this screwup? higher legendary drop chance? ;) something!!!!!
Logging in just to express my displeasure with Blizzard and the Diablo team. Don't know why expectations are ever set by them, lol. Just give up giving dates for releases of anything... please.
Appreciate the update Lylirra, but unless there is a technical reason why the second script cant be run sooner, might be a good idea to do it sooner than later as the folks who are hosed here are the ones who supported you by earlier purchase.
sigh blizzard has really been goofing off lately

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