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so if i upgrade to ros Digital Deluxe i get wings right now?
Guys, it's a day late. It's not a big deal, calm yourselves. They can't magically predict that something would go wrong.
It's just a day late lol. jeez
03/20/2014 07:59 PMPosted by PappaPia
So people who pre-ordered the game today get their Wings immediately,

While long time loyal supporters who pre-ordered digital ROS months ago have to wait?

Post script community will fix it before your interns even get a chance to crack open their fresh new textbook.
Wow, I'm not going to rage, just because I respect and like Lylirra and I'm pretty sure it wasn't her fault.

But I will agree with the vast majority of posters here. You guys flame all u want, they really need to see hundreds of rage posts, I will support you guys
How do I get a refund for my pre-order....?
omg blizz, why u just didnt say "some of players may have not get wings - we working on it". instead they dropped that bomb with earlier prepurchases :D
sometimes it dissapoints me how stupid ppl are.
Seriously, stop the stupid on the the forums. They are just wings, and you will live having to wait a couple hours to get them.
I wish I could make loads of money and screw up all the time. Cant say I didnt see this one coming.
03/20/2014 08:09 PMPosted by Playboyjoe
%#%!@#!%! it doesnt matteer if u get them today or tomorrow calm down ... u still get them sure its a blizz fail but srsly ...

I find it funny so many people are raging over a 1 day delay in their wings saying "i'M SO TIRED OF THIS !@#$ I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM BLIZZARD EVER AGAIN!!" LMAO this is so funny reading the people on the forums LOL you guys are pathetic LMAO
i purchesed ROS 4 days ago i still dont have my wings -.-................
just upgraded to the 60 from the 40. Did NOT receive wings... got the minion and Tmog but no wings.
Good to know that my wife pre-ordered this game for me back in December and I won't get it before the people who pre-order tonight.

That's very poorly planned, Blizzard, you would've thought, just maybe that you folks might have had this "script" written and implemented earlier in the day so things like this wouldn't happen.

I am a patient man, I really am. I had no problems waiting for these wings until the 25th, I really didn't, they were just an added bonus for a pre-order I got for a Christmas gift. But this is in very, very bad taste. I hope whomever is responsible feels pretty bad right about now.

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