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04/21/2014 07:41 AMPosted by Woodworm
Need IK belt so I can drop the 2 hander and go back to my 2,300 damage TF

I feel your pain. I need IK belt and Earth set piece (Helm or shoulder)
Odyn Son
Lightning SOJ
Hexing Pants
IK gloves and more
Lightning Andy helm
Ice Climbers
Ring of Royal Grandeur
Burning Axe of Sankis
Fire Andy
Fire SoJ

Full Reakor or EQ set
I want to have Spires of the Earth (The Might of the Earth shoulders). Pretty pleeease :-)
Raekor's pants and devastator.... i will be a very happy barbarian
Raekor's gloves, shoulders, and chest for sure. then ice climbers then a higher dps TF. if I got those id be set for the rest of this game.
I had a really good RNG night last night and got andariel's visage, sunkeeper and devastator recipe (took me 15 minutes to farm the mat).

I'd be happy now with:

A nice fire amulet

Some bonus items I'd be excited to have would be:
Death Watch Mantle and Pox Faulds. I feel like the trifecta of AoE's going off between andy's, dwm and pox would be an awesome cacophony of a ton of numbers that weren't even coming from your weapons.
Odyn Son
IK Chest
Ring of Royal Grandeur with not terribad rolls
Lightning Amulet with str, crit, crit dmg (even better if it was one that made me immune to arcane or fire)
Ring of Royal Grandeur
Earth set
Anything other than a damn spear, I've had like 5 drop in a row.
That is all.
Off the top of my head:

A better RoRG
A second Unity ring
Shoulder and/or Pants pieces for Raekor/Earth set
IK belt and better chest
A better fire amulet
A Sunkeeper (haven't found even a bad one yet)
Shard of Hate
Either shoulders or pants of Earth Set.
Shard of hate
Nice fire amulet



My weapons are really keeping me from going into T2 right now.
Thunderfury or Odyn Son
Earth Set
04/21/2014 12:33 AMPosted by Coug
IK chest+belt
Raekor's shoulders
Might of the Earth head/gloves/chest
Lut Socks
The Three Hundreth Spear

The 3 sets are a work in progress. I am looking to try out different builds for fun.

Going to cross out IK chest, Might of the Earth head, and Three Hundreth Spear. So excited just found the Three Hundreth Spear possibly one of the greatest birthday present from RNGesus.

Updated List:

IK Belt
Raekor's Shoulders
Might of the Earth gloves/chest
Lut Socks

Going to take my chances with Kadala on Lut Socks. Wish me luck guys.
05/01/2014 01:20 PMPosted by Ramayana
Was Lut Socks, finally got them from Kadala a few days ago.

congrats man
Been farming two weeks for the last piece of the earthquake puzzle... I need shoulders or pants... Doesnt seem RNG is in my favor tho...
MOTE shoulders and pants
Shard of Hate
Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan
AN AMULET WORTH A DAMN, LIGHTNING OR FIRE (Haunt of Vaxo/Countess Julia's Cameo)

EDIT: Better Witching Hour.

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