Magic Find and legendary safety net.

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I'm somebody who spends a lot of his time farming. I'm constantly trying to find more efficient ways to farm, mainly because I enjoy the idea of progressing my character through equipment.

Something I've been thinking about with this latest patch and the revision to many item affixes is magic find and how it works with the legendary safety net. First off does magic find do anything significant? A friend told me 30% magic find is the difference between 100 legendaries at 0 magic find, and 103 legendaries with 30%.

I suppose what I want to know is: Has all the time I've spent with a Topaz in my helmet been a waste? could I have been wearing a better helm or another gem like an EXP gem? Magic find is a stat that's in the game, in helmet sockets and I believe one unique legendary the Nagalring, so I would like to believe this stat does something.
Magic Find got nerfed to 10% effectiveness, so no, stacking it does not do much, if at all.
XP gem is the only one worth using. Yes you wasted a lot of time.
OP you need to understand that good loot does not exist in this game.
03/23/2014 04:44 AMPosted by Revolution
OP you need to understand that good loot does not exist in this game.

I think there are some good stuff out there. Either way I'm having fun looking for it. I was just looking for some clearification on the in game stat 'Magic Find.'

I just find myself questioning it's existance if it does very little to nothing.
Considering that they hide the legendary drop rate for Torment difficulty, I think Blizzard's philosophy is, just have fun instead of fussing over drop rates.

If you are clearing T1 fast enough, then move on to T2. Once you are stronger, move on to T3, etc.

Revealing the drop rate just cause misery.
Forget drops and drop rates completely. Crafting the Hallowed, Sage's, Seven Sins, Demon's, Griswold's Masterpiece, archon bracers, shoulders, and chest will yield the best in slot items, barring a very few special sets and individual weapons and armors.
Crafting is the way to go for quick improvement on your character.
If you need the plans, farm them for sure, as they are the best.
All the crafted items can be upgraded with the mystic as well. RoS only.
I can't manage to find the post, but there was a Blizzard post saying that MF does contribute to legendaries. They removed it from gear, but they want things like the Nagelring and topaz gems in helms to be an option.

Edit: Your numbers are correct. 30% MF would mean finding an extra 3% legendaries.
03/23/2014 07:18 AMPosted by TheThodd
They removed it from gear
funny I have been getting alot of gear with it.
Travis Day did indeed say they are greatly reducing MF and are working on phasing it out. You can read the whole post here

As for the safety net - MF would not impact it any more than any other buff or bonus you have.

There are two systems involved in drops:
1. RNG system with a standard programmed drop chance. Based on that chance, the average drop rate on that right now is 1 per 2 hours according to the Devs so drops will form a bell curve around that point. This matches what we see people posting. Any MF, shrines, Legendary find buffs would impact this by increasing your base drop rate chances.
2. A safety net timer that can modify the first system if the RNG gods hate you. It prevents you from going 10 + hours without a leg. Sometime after 4-6 hours it kicks in and slowly starts to increase the legendary drop rate.
The fact that some people claim to go for 10+ hours without finding a legendary is not only not our intent, but should in fact be impossible. We added a system in the expansion that tracks the amount of time you spend fighting creatures without finding a legendary and after a certain period of time will slowly start increasing the legendary drop rate. Once a legendary drops for you, actual item not crafting recipe or material, we reset that timer. This is meant to be a safety net so that the random can never be too extreme to the negative end. If players are legitimately going 18+ hours and not seeing a legendary it's possible that there are some bugs floating around that need to be identified.
First the clarification, the timer system that works behind the scenes is meant to be exactly that, behind the scenes. No you can't afk the system, there are a lot of moving pieces to it and we talked about it extensively before we implemented it to guarantee its not exploitable. At it's heart Diablo is a game about slaughtering demons and getting random cool rewards. The system that is in place should never be experienced by 99% of the population, it's there for the 1% who just get really bad random rolls for an excessively long period of time. If we want you to get a legendary every 2 hours, the system basically says "ok it's been like double/triple that period of time, just help the guy out!"

Unlucky Person affected by Failsafe
Failsafe Timer--------------------------------------------+ Leg Chance---------Timer resets

Normal RNG Drops
Failsafe Timer------------------Timer resets – Failsafe system never kicks in

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