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Very nice changes.

My only concern is that set items do not seem to be dropping as frequently as they were in the ROS beta. It really does look like there was a stealth nerf to drop rates after the ROS beta ended. During the beta, after the rates were doubled they seemed perfect. However, between that and 2.0 going live I am not seeing the same set drops I did back in the beta.
not understanding why this makes it any better or any different?

"All class set items will now only drop in Torment I or above."

does this mean when a set item drops it can only be a class set item?? so we wont get crap like compass rose in t1-6?
This post is going to be a bit hyperbolic, but it's like everything that seemed to be going in the right direction after all this time, is quickly getting reversed right back to the !@#$ty gameplay design that plagued the game at the start. Awesome.
Any Chance at upping the max Torement from 6 to 10? I can already run T6 on my wiz without to much difficulty. Being only level 60 and being able to do this i feel that at level 70 i'd be facerolling T6.
03/21/2014 12:56 PMPosted by Nevalistis
We've been listening to player feedback on difficulty rewards, and one of the most frequent comments we receive is that Torment difficulty isn't rewarding enough. As a result, we've reached the decision to make class-specific sets, specifically Natalya’s, Immortal Kings, Tal Rasha's, Inna's, and Zunimassa's, drop only in Torment I or above from this point forward.

You should have also listened to the feedback that said that getting a full set is an extreme long farm with current drop rates. Yet you basically "nerfed" them making them torment-exclusive.

BoA + NO AH was the right decision, but this should NEVER had to be implemented with lower droprates. We are now with lower droprates than 1.0.8, with no AH and no trade at all except on groups (which still kinda force you to play with others that have same class or same primary).


On a side note, instead of nerfing the common actual runs you should have buffed adventure mode exp, specially since YOU took the decision to make adventure mode RoS-exclusive (even tho a couple of twits said it was gonna be included in a pre-RoS patch...) . People that won't buy RoS are getting less and less stuff every day, I'm not complaining hard enough because I bought RoS, but still, it makes no sense.
Players: Torment is not rewarding enough!
Blizzard: We nerf all lower difficulties - so here is your reward! Wait, yes for Torment nothing changes so you get no better reward, we just punish casual players!

Streamers: Hey lets farm COTA 24/7 till EXP hits because we cant use life steal at lvl70 anymore - lets all get paragon 500,600 or 700 - XP is great!
Blizzard: Oh no! Our previous adventure runs we planned for you all yield lower XP than a simple 5 billion/hour COTA run - after we nerfed every other run - lets nerf all mobs with "lower than average HP" aka BS excuse - so that the normal players will never be able to level at the rate that grinders before ROS did.

Your communication style and your management is the best in the business, congratulations.
set items will now be harder to get... ZZ

I'm all for farming on torment, but I have played so much since 2.0 was released (solely on my monk) and have not seen an Inna's item yet. I have however found 12 blackthorne items, no Inna's. Now you are making the "already powerful sets RARER"? wow

GG Blizzard
03/21/2014 01:07 PMPosted by Gunt
Exactly which "lower than average health pool" monsters will this be affecting?

The list is actually quite long, but we were specifically targeting enemies that "swarm." In other words, those that tend to appear in large quantities and offer little resistance.
Are you kidding. So monster density is worthless now. THANKS BLIZZARD
Well, I don't want to be a jackass here, and I usually don't complain all that much about drops and whatnot, but although I agree it's important to make higher difficulties more rewarding, I disagree with how you proceeded about it.

You did not actually make T1+ more rewarding, you simply took something away from Master and below.

Essentially, you just made set pieces even harder to farm because at least at lower difficulties, monsters die very quickly, insuring more drops per time played.

I think the general consensus was: to farm XP, farm the highest possible difficulty where one does not die or spend hours killing elite packs, and to farm for gear, farm the lowest difficulty in order to get more drops per time played. Granted, a 100+ paragon farming Normal difficulty isn't how the game was intended to be played, but again, you just made our lives even harder.

I fail to see the improvement here. I, for one, was not farming at Normal difficulty because I tried before, and I fell asleep, literally: it was too boring/easy.

The solution ? Bump the set drops a bit, which I'm sure is a very unpopular suggestion amongst the decision makers, however...
The list is actually quite long, but we were specifically targeting enemies that "swarm." In other words, those that tend to appear in large quantities and offer little resistance.

So? We want to know the actual mobs that will get nerfed . LOL
I have not found a single DH specific set item since 2.0 so making them MORE rare seems like an odd choice.
03/21/2014 01:09 PMPosted by Lim3y
LOL, when people said "Make Torment more rewarding than chain running lower difficulties" they didn't mean "take good drops out of lower difficulties" they meant "buff the drop rate in torment"

This will not end well.

A million times this.

Seriously Blizzard? Why would anyone ask for a nerf on drop rates? -.-
03/21/2014 01:20 PMPosted by Nevalistis
03/21/2014 01:07 PMPosted by Gunt
Exactly which "lower than average health pool" monsters will this be affecting?

The list is actually quite long, but we were specifically targeting enemies that "swarm." In other words, those that tend to appear in large quantities and offer little resistance.

Like Skeletors in COTA? :3
@ Phatty: Set items DO drop more often in Torment 2 and above....
Right now at level 60 it didn't take alot of time starting completely naked to be able to do Torment 3 without many problems (NO legacy gear).

I doubt level 70 will be much tougher, there will just be a regearing process similar to what patch 2.01 introduced. After that I'm sure I'll be playing at least Torment 2.

I completely support Blizzard's decision. D3 is easy mode with everything dropping in lower difficulties. I wouldn't be upset about it except that Expert and Master at level 60 anyway feel like I'm riding a bike with training wheels. Torment 1 after just a short time feels like the same...
Blizzard, please just stop "fixing" things. Instead of increasing monster density to other areas, you decrease the exp that dense groups give out. Instead of increasing drop rate in torment, you get rid of drops elsewhere. You are not listening to what people want or to what they are saying at all. This is the opposite of what people want. There is a difference between fixing/improving and nerfing/ruining.
Agreed with a few guys that posted above. I think the change is a positive one but only if it comes with an increase in the actual set drop rates on the higher difficulties accordingly. As it stands, I've played quite a bit since 2.0 hit live and the only set items I've looted are:

* Several wailing host/etc rings
* Three of the blackthorne's set (all poorly rolled)
* One piece of IK gear (glove, poorly rolled)

that is literally it, which is insane because I've played tons since 2.0 hit.

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