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She drops greens. I just got one.

Anyone know this from patch?
I got a green from her yesterday too.
got my first legendary after 1000 shards.
04/09/2014 03:12 AMPosted by Tarzan
She drops greens. I just got one.

Anyone know this from patch?

Was it a class set item?

Not all greens are class set items :\
So, which items drops her. I want thunder fury, westmarch shield, wand of woh, SOJ, leoric ring, maximus, and the crusader uniques 1h and 2h.
I can confirm that Blackthorne's set can drop. Ended up with 2 belts earlier today.
Two days ago I got a Chantodo's Force (ironically enough, I had a legacy CF so getting a new one was much appreciated), so I can confirm she drops that set.
was trying to roll some rings and spent 500 shards in a row on her. guess what, found 3 EXACT SAME LEGENDARY RINGS, with different rolls, of course. can anybody explain that? (!@#$ty ring, obsidian ring of the zodiac)
I got a set ring on Master. Should that be happening? :P
Can anyone confirm if you can snag the Earth set from Kadala ?

The Earth set is not a barb only set but it's a green just like blackthorne.

Anybody ?
It's possible to get a wide variety of Legendary items from giving your Bloodshards to Kadala,""" but class set items are not one of them."""" Those items have a chance to drop while in Torment, but even in that difficulty Kadala's inventory doesn't change.

Bul khatos sword set drops me from Kadala ... btw
Grimiku i belive you are wrong about kadala not dropping class sets i got blackthorns boots from her just the other day.
Y'all need to learn to press the next page button. Seeing the same dam question asked and answered every 10 posts -.-
I just got some Immortal King's Iron's from Kadala, so yes, it is possible.

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