What did you do on your monk today? RoS v1.0

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Napped until 12am EST, and started off doing Act V on Torment 1 with my DW-TR-LTK build I'd been farming with. Went pretty good until, Adria, so I lowered to Master. Around 68 or so, things weren't dying fast enough so I went down to Expert and then got to Malth at 69 and did a bunch of mini quest dungeons in the undead town to hit 70. Swapped back to LTK-Ytar instead of Scorp to down Mal and for all my trouble got a Leoric's Crown which I salvaged for my first F.Soul.

Of course I spent a good 15 min enchanting my level 60 2.0 gear after unlocking the Mystic. Sadly I hadn't saved up enough Tears so had to give up getting my Leoric 6% crit, but got crit on my Gynana/Gaunts and my Inna's in good shape and realized the +130 str/int/dex/vit seven sins stat reroll removed them all (not just one) so don't do that unless you want just 300 dex.

As far as Monk drops, I didn't get a single spirit stone, but did get the Staff of Kyro and a WKL so far. Luckily enough my WKL didn't need a reroll and had previously gotten a Skycutter to drop so I was swapping back and forth between Holy since my 70 bounty bag bracers rolled holy. Every other leg was pretty much salvaged though I did hang onto a 3k dps 2h sword that didn't roll dex.

As a fresh 70 I couldn't efficiently handle Master for Imperial Gems, so doing Adventure on Expert until I can get all 3 stats up. I really can't see doing bounties without TR. Especially if you get large maps. Making Inna's Set require Torment to drop really narrows down my upgrade path since I don't see myself giving up those set bonuses anytime soon. Targetting Act I for Royal Ring of Grandeur and Act II for Gloves of Worship right now even though the bonus bouties are in Act VI/V. I think they bonus changes every day hopefully.

Work coffee ftw!
Learned that I should have been at the end of Act IV when RoS launched. And discovered that LS immediately became useless upon launch. Oh boy, retooling is fun!!!!
I burned out all my level 60 exquisite essence trying to get some good items after level 70, no success.

Dropped 2 wedding bands, 1 hammer jammer and gambled out a crappy legenary fist weapon, lol

Wish I could play all day long!!!
My day was almost identical to yours, Davlok.

Along the way I found ridiculous amounts of cold damage gear, so had to figure out how to build around that.

Also got crazy lucky with the mystic and rerolled to get a socket on azure, dex on nutcracker, and crit on andy's.

The rifts and bounty systems were a fantastic addition though. This was by far the best expansion night I've ever had on a blizzard product. No bugs at all.
03/25/2014 09:52 AMPosted by Infuri
My day was almost identical to yours, Davlok.

Nice :-) I detailed out my sleep journey a bit more! I'm not sure how much I like the "kill all mobs in level 2" quest though. I had a burrowed tunneler i couldn't find!

And within a day everyone is going to need a TF to be an upgrade!!
Hit 70 this morning. Picked up two rare one handers and a glove which brought my dps up to 500k +.
I realized that my monk sucks in torment. That's what I've discovered so far.

Oh, and I had to ditch the life steal gear!
Got to 70

Tried Malthiel in T1... failed misserably

farmed for a few minutes

Got a 1900 dps + OS + 1100 LoH weapon
Got a 500dex/500vit 10%crit shield

Changed my skill setup...
Got to 300k+ dps
12M toughness
10k Healing

Tried Malthiel in T1 again... long fight.. but managed to beat him.

Did around 10 acts of bounties (total of 50)
1 round of rift

that's it.
Continued to farm Bounties in hopes for the Ring of Grandeur. Realized I can't stand using a generator in RoS yet so sticking with my LTK-SS as primary with enough regen/resource-red to stunlock to death. Was able to comfortably farm Torment 1 bounties this way, basically just TR/DS into a pack and LTK:SSing them to death. Stunned mobs can't cast their nasty affixi, so its like a hidden toughness multiplier. Though for Torment I still had to swap Fleet for Seize. Using Gyana with the slow-projectile affix elite looks pretty funny: http://i.imgur.com/LsKzT7v.jpg

Enchanted LoH onto bracers and CD on the magefist. Only decent monster drop was a Cindercoat that needs a few more sockets. Don't have the sustain to use fire spec in T1 yet. Did get the SK Pauldrons to drop from a bag which has already procced a few times for me ^_^ ;
A few bars from 70 and at the front gates of Malthial. Will but out some Street Fighter music and go toe to toe with good ol' Mal on T1 tonight for my Legendary drop.

just got back from work, checking forum, I am gonna to play a little adventurer mode on T1 to farm some craft mat and leg.. wish me luck!
Farmed all damn day. The best part was not even 10 minutes after getting to level 70 I found a socketed Thunderfury!
Found a couple AWESOME weapons, then managed to pick up enough upgrades that I'm sitting at enough dps/toughness to solo down Malth T2!

I'm pretty happy with my progress so far, but I really want to see how I do on t3 malth. Elites don't take much time for me to kill with this lightning/fire-stun build i'm running.

edit: profile shows the weapons w/ vit (cause that's how they dropped), but the WKL has LoH instead, can't remember if the MMS has vit or LoH on i though....
Spent most of the day farming Bounties and doing some T1 rifts. Around 5 rounds into Act 1 Bounties got another bracer and then finally a mediocre rolled Ring of Grandeur to drop. Spent the rest of my souls and almost all of my topai trying to reroll crit and failed. Current build is best with resource cost red, but I think eventually I'll go back to a more standard gen+spender combo if I ever get a Band of Rue... Seeing as I'd need to grind for a Nat's ring/boots on an alt Demon hunter which seems unlikely atm!

Did get a few unsocketed 2handers to play with - Furnace, Maximus, Scourge, Flow as well as a Tzo and Mind's Eye in the bank. Going to farm next for the Gloves of Worship, and then think about spending these stack of rift fragments somehow. They build up way too fast and are semi-not-super-rewarding on T1 to me. I think I've gotten a grand total of 1 soul drop out of 10 T1 rifts.
Haven't had as much time as I would like, so I finally just managed to get my monk to 70 and finish Act V.

I had been struggling a bit, having to drop difficulty bit by bit, and finding few upgrades. Then, I got a 1H legendary, Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis. Nothing spectacular (1961 DPS and no socket, a good amount of LoH), but it was a huge upgrade from what I had. Unfortunately it dropped shortly before I hit 70 so I'll be looking for a level 70 replacement, but it was enough to carry me through the act.

When I beat Malth, I was excited to see he dropped a legendary and a set item, but was quickly disappointed when I saw they were both chest pieces. Got a Blackthorne's (now wearing), and a mediocre Goldskin (stashed for now, but likely future salvage).

Now, to decide whether to focus on improving the Monk who still needs lots of upgrades (DPS is low, not wearing any elemental damage, single resists are all over the place minimizing OWE's effectiveness), or spend time getting some other classes to 70.
FINALLY, I rolled a socket on my WKL with my very last forgotten soul. This was after I started frantically salvaging almost every leg drop to get more. Damn but they are hard to come by lol.
Dav do you know if you can get ring of grandeur/gloves of worship in normal mode bounties or does it have to be Torment?
farming T1 act 1 Bounties.. mystic sockets on my both fleshrake and shenlong..
still trying to figure out how to get a balance of dps/tank-ness in act 1.. still get frustrated when the goblin escape 80% of the time..

got sage's and aughild lvl 70 plan, need to farm those precious crafting materials for that too..
i hope bliz can increase the drop rate of the material.. some of them are too rare to be seen..
Nothing for her around two days! lol

I just leveled my crusader today. It is quite fun to play him.
I've been tempest rushing farming for Ring of royal and gloves of worship in T1. I've been going 2 hander even if I don't tempest rush.

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