What did you do on your monk today? RoS v1.0

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Crafted a Griswold's perfection with good damage roll, enchanted a socket after burning through like 8 rerolls. Replaced my beloved level 60 thunderfury D:

Then went ahead and put on a new helmet over my level 60 Gyana as well, and attempted to roll more fire res on my harrington's and one of my rings. Unfortunately, they are still not fire yet.
Act 2 Bounties started off great, got Shelong's FoL and a peice of the thorns set, then proceeded to be soulfest. At least it let me reroll my ring to crit and bracers to lightning, albeit not great rolls. I am superstitiously farming Zoltan for a potion and Magda for her crafting drop. I hate the flooded cave bounty since I usually have to turn the sound up to listen for the 'rumbling' the tunnelers do as they are annoying to find.

I also forced myself thru two rifts because I misclicked while turning in the bounty quest and even got a soul for my troubles. No luck yet on Gloves of Worship - did get TWO DH cloaks. Thanks RNG.

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Dav do you know if you can get ring of grandeur/gloves of worship in normal mode bounties or does it have to be Torment?

You can at any difficulty. Loot is supposedly determined when the bag is created, but start a T6 game and the bags have a chance to drop imperials, or open with a non-monk class like crusader and the rares inside will roll str. So superstition says farm low diff and open in high even though blue posts says different! Just incase - not like you are losing much doing so.
Beat Mathael on T1 solo on my first try. I even got some good loot; legendary plan, socketed Flying Dragon w/1k dex, and my first RoS set item, a Shen fist (no socket).
Beg, borrow, steal and kill for moar forgotten souls...
Found a thunderfury last night to continue my ridiculous collection of legedenary weapons. Also found a 3k dps 2 hander that I need to reroll a socket for to play with a 2 hand TR build.

Still 0 set drops since 2.0.

I even gave away 2 weapons to a guildie in group last night, because they weren't upgrades. There must be some flag somewhere to just give me weapons and nothing else.

Current legendary count for me:
10 weapons
1 Helm (from malth, so kind of cheating, because he dropped a weapon and a helm)
10 shardworthy randoms.
Enjoyed the Legendary Droprate hotfix so far... Got a few upgrades while still praying for Gloves of Worship.

Even leveled another monk to 70 to try and get Reapers Fear... no soup. But now I can test various things without messing my farming build too much!
Today I started re-rolling resists to maximize my OWE benefits. My female monk is at 1.8k AR now. I also found a WKL that boosted her lightning dmg bonus to 98%. I'm hoping to find lvl 70 versions of her belt and spirit stone to boost her stats, and I'm really hoping to find a Shard of Hate or Thunderfury to boost her dmg output.

I found a +fire dmg amulet and put it on my male monk. I also brought out my fire dmg bonus bracers to go with it. I'm still in the process of re-rolling his gear for higher OWE resists.

Edit: I almost forgot that I finally found my 1st piece of the lvl 70 Inna's set and put it on my male monk.
Weekend was pretty good item progression-wise. Leveled my female monk to 70 to hope for a first kill Reaper's Fear... no dice. And still Gloves of Worship, but the RNG was kind overall!

Top of the list was getting a decent Shard of Hate soon after logging in after work/dinner/gym. It dropped from a breakable I had just Sweeping Winded as I was getting ready to port to the next bounty... I didn't recognize the graphic as it lay on the ground so was happy to find a decent upgrade. Didn't have a socket so I had to choose between Area Damage and LoH... kept Area since it was a max roll! Even with a >5% dip in sheet DPS from my skycutter from losing the angel unity, Belial T1 was dead well before the 'Pound' attack in Phase 3 so it was a very obvious upgrade. After reading the hotfix decided to gamble all my shards away, and so far total have only gambled a single poorly rolled sledgefist.. may just do rings and pray for a Rue.

Other notable un-soul-able drops include: Shenlong's 0-socket Set, a well rolled Fulminator that would be a downgrade, Legacy of Nightmares set, Laws of Seph, Andarials, Kekegi's, Furnace!, and Ice Climbers. Monk set-wise still ZERO Inna, but have gotten 3 piece Raiment and a pretty decent Sunwuko amulet (on my female monk). Such is RNG... will probably be using my 60 Gyana and Inna for a long time. WIth the RRG, I am getting the 4pc +15% lightning, but Ice Climber's are such a great QoL booster it's hard to decide.

Also crafted 2pc Cain's of Boots/Gloves but well.. you can see the 'awesome' results on my female monk. RRG for 3pc Cain's seemed pretty good on paper....

Hope everyone else got something good to drop this weekend!
Hit the big 300 paragon milestone, but got a big fat bagel from all the A2 bounty bags.. basically a big shardfest for the second day in a row... almost up to 50 souls ready for something-anything! I guess that is the way things are going to be soon enough (or already is). Broke 1k rift shards... Wish they stacked over 100.
I salvaged about 20 legs yesterday =(

About half of them were 2 handers =(
Cried in my cups because of just miserable rng...It has dried up something terrible after the hotfix. :(
After several days of terrible damage and no weapon upgrades, had a 2,704 DPS Staff of Kyro drop. I'm sure I could get higher damage with a pair of good one handers, but since those aren't dropping, this was a sizable upgrade. With a 50% DR damage bonus, I naturally switched generators, and am really enjoying DR so far.
I picked up a Thunderfury and Sunwuko's Paws last night among a few other useless ones. I still have not gotten anything from Kaladra or the Bounty Bags
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Beg, borrow, steal and kill for moar forgotten souls...

Spent another day getting cloaks from A2BB and doing a few core runs for souls. One week after RoS and bored, not a great sign! Did finally make the decision to permanently use my poorly rolled Ice Climbers and give up 4pc Raiment bonus.. standing in ice balls is just great. If I ever get the fire absorb amulet and kulle potion, I will relive the old days again!
Last night i did Rifts. got 2 Legendarys and 1 legendary plan. All where junk but still rewarding and encouraging in receiving drops.
I spent a few million upgrading gems to squeeze out a few more dps so I could finally run T1 without dying.. it just takes me a minute to kill the elite boss, but I clear the trash out quickly. Now I have to work to get that money back so I can repeat the process and go up another gem tier.. also need to find some emerald plans still. Also some enchanting and changed up my build to lightning with lpss keeping me alive.
Last night I had a decent rare chest drop for my female monk. And after 25+ rerolls, I was finally able to overcome the RNG monkey and roll a socket in my Sledgefist. My female monk is fully on her way to a stun/lightning build, and a Wyrdward drop would round it out nicely. In the meantime, I will continue to pull my hair out for the lack of forgotten souls needed to roll sockets in my Doombringer and Azurewrath.

The lvl 70 demon's skin plan dropped, but it isn't practical to farm for materials given the sheer number of bracers I need to craft in order to get the stats I want *and* set some aside for future builds. Crafting at lvl 70 is a LOT more cumbersome than it was at 60. This is quite off-putting since it requires farming specific monsters/areas, which seems to fly in the face of what Blizz wants players to do...and it really flies in the face of what I want to do.
finally finished aughild's 3 piece set and switched back to lightning monk. Hope I get more pieces so I can get matching elemental resist though.

im killing T2 elites in under 15 seconds now so I may start doing T3 solos soon.
Got a Cindercoat last night. :-)

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