What did you do on your monk today? RoS v1.0

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So yesterday I was doing a few T1 Ghom runs for a forum post because I was heading out soon to a neighbors kids birthday party, and lo and behold out of Ghom popped THUNDERFURY! Of course it rolled sub 2k dps, but had an ok random primary roll so I threw a few souls at it to get it over 2.2k. Sadly it was a drop in Ghom single target DPS, since my build is primarily lightning-based, but at least 2xSwords is a bit more symmetric than Sword+Fist! The loss of 3 regen from my WKL was the toughest part for me to accept, so I crafted a Capt. Crimson for the -10% resource cost reduction and back over 40 LTKs from full spirit, plenty for T1/2. Also got a decent Thungergod's Vigor I can't squeeze in atm. Still not sure if my AP Bracers bracers are working at all either... was disappointed by how not-op Reaper's Wraps was, but it's still a good soul-sink.

Read about the new hotfix to make Rifting the best place to farm, and did maybe 4 rifts before work this morning almost getting 1 drop/rift, and 3/4 souls from the rift boss. Guessing my 1.5k rift fragments will be used up eventually.
Decided to finally focus my two 70 monks for specific tasks/difficulties. One will be my DW-Torment Monk focusing on LTK:SS spam and the other a 2H-Normal Monk to maximize TR+IF uptime for speed farming.

Blew about 50 souls on my TR-monk to craft some Born/Crimson and enchanting CDR on Sunwuko/Kekgi/etc. Probably wasted 10 souls just putting a socket into the Warstaff of General Quang... will probably wait until I find a weapon with CDR & socket next time, totally not worth it with Daibo RNG! But now I can pick any TR-rune I want - going with Bluster to take advantage of Cindercoat/Strongarms. Initially wanted to use Born's 2pc set bonus & Crimson's 3 with RORG. but decided swapping a ring between two monks was too much hassle. I'll farm another one eventually and put CDR on it! With 63% CDR Inner Fire has 67% uptime and Zephyr has 54% uptime, plenty for normal but still need a bit more dps for Master.

Only saved drop yesterday was a vit-rolled Holy Beacon.... so the dream of replacing legacy Xeph lives on!
Found another 2 Eye of the Storm and another The Furnace. Crafted some cheapo greens - DH I run with gave me his SOJ drop...20% Cold Damage, which I'm debating trying to roll into Fire Damage but there's a possible 19 affixes or so.
Think I've reached the point where upgrades are going to be so specific and direct higher rolled upgrades, they won't happen more than once every 100+ drops or so which is kind of depressing. I'm thinking there is only a few "build changing" drops left to find, and the only one semi-reasonable to hope for is the Band of Rue Chambers (cmon... kadala!)

LTK Monk Status: Zero progression outside of paragon. Basically sub in Inner Fire / Forbidden Palance when I have 10min empowered shrine active, and same old LTK spam otherwise. Really appreciate the Reaper's Wraps affix when I have 10min frenzied shrine and spam LTK too fast.

TR-IF Monk Status: Blew around 300 shards to gamble a mediocre Warechian Armguards... and wow. What a difference they make farming - easily 30%+ faster clear times. I'm stuck at 62.7% sheet CDR, and gave Born's Set Sword+Shoulders a go, but end up with the some spirit gen problems and lack of a good elite burn option on Torment 1. Still prefer my LTK monk for Torment rifts in groups. Thinking of maybe swapping in my FoE for packs, but that seems like a bit of a hassle. Still haven't quite decided on a belt, currently have Razor Strop for some bonus fire.
finally after countless act 1 bounties, I have acquired my 1st and great RORG - it rolled 7as/6cc and I mystic it to average dmg (70-144) then cd (47%); which gives better pdps, about 3% more..

decided to have some mix and match to tap on the 3pcs set bonuses...
resist is kind of mess, but slowly retune and refine it..

now continue to hunt for gloves of worship and my those TF/SOH..
only have 1 inna's belt, hoping to get atleast 2 to 3 pieces more..
Focused on my TR monk to cruise thru T1 bounties/riftsat a pace I am happy with. Finally gave up on FoE for Warstaff, dropped Air for Fire and Annihilation for Forbidden Palace. Now if only there was a Fire 7-sided rune! :-)

Warzechain Armguards totally obsolete annihilation for me. They are my new favorite bracers!
Lots of changes! Swapped my primary male monk to the TR-IF build and female to my LTK-RCC, as I plan on playing CDR-based builds more now that I have 73% CDR, I have a lot more buttons to mash.

Decided to farm another Royal Ring of Grandeur to use for the CDR build and ended up finding a pretty decent Mad Monarch Scepter that came with black damage with 10% damage and 10% resource cost reduction... but no socket. Knowing my TF rolled with CDR and my 10% CDR Born's Furious Wrath burning a hole in my emerald wallet, decided to break up the beloved SOH+TF pair and couple MMS+SoH and TF+BFW. After a few more rounds of normal split farming Act 1, RRG#2 dropped, and even was nice enough to come with a natural 8% CDR, which made rolling for Crit or CD much less annoying.

LTK Monk:
Made the swap out of TF to Mad Monarch Scepter, and man... I love that proc. Makes you actually want to kill the little things more than you already want to. Definitely under-rated the scepter, and with the 10% RCC it rolled and slower attack speed, can now swap out a spirit regen passive or item possibly. Bad part is, with the SoH fix and rapid improvement of my CDR monk, makes the LTK one feel much slower. So with the lack of item progression options have currently relegated her to farming Iron Wolves Doctrines and Rift Bosses.

CDR Monk:
Dropped out of the 2H route even if that means voiding my Sunwuko 2pc bonus, and went with the TF+Born combo. Going from 63% CDR to 73% CDR might not sound like a lot, but it makes a HUGE difference in terms of skill uptimes and spirit management. At 73% CDR, my Inner Fire is up 91% of the time with ~1.2 seconds downtime. With high uptime on Epiphany, could drop Air for Fire Ally, and decided with 100% Inner Sanctuary, swapped out my mantra for Forbidden Palace so I could stand in stuff before activating 7-sided. Now I just need to squeeze out a few more % to get under 1 second. Nice part is nearly every slot on the CDR monk is 'upgradable', either thru crafting rng or standard rng.

On the cool, non-insta-souled item side, did gamble a 50% Eye of Peshkov which is a bit redundant for Zehyr spam with base 73% CDR, but always nice to have options. Also the Butcher was kind enough to give me a Templar Relic so I'm planning on giving Ashera's Set a shot if I can craft a decent Born's chest and Ashera's gloves which at least is easier to farm for than Capt. Crimson. I do like the new crafting system, and hope they just add more creafted sets every loot patch instead of another monster drop to the loot table. That way once we learn all the patterns we can only have the new recipes drop and then go and farm the (new) crafting mats.
Found a WKL last night. Little low on base dmg, but still an improvement. Also gambled some decent Strong Arm bracers off of Kadala. Had to reroll the fire % to light %. These two items have changed the way I play. I am now a full bore light monk with roughly 1.5mil elemental dmg =)

It seems the KB proc from the bracers works with both CS and DR, did not know that until i tried it out!
Past few days: Gambled a few mediocre pairs of Magefists, found Magefists as a drop, found a 2100 DPS SOH with +Dex, +Vit, +Loh that I rolled into socket, found a 2000DPS SOH that I donated to a Monk we were running with as I didn't need it, found Inna's Daibo, found Inna's Pants, and wasted a lot of mats making mediocre Crimson's and Reaper's Wraps that I salvaged.

Trying out various slots - e.g. Air Ally, Fire Ally, Inner Sanctuary, and I must say that as time goes on Spirit becomes less and less of an issue. Fiddling with and having basically an open slot to mess with is *very* rewarding when you can situationally change it fit a particular need.
So in a quick T2 clan rift this morning before work, finally got my first "Legendary" potion: http://i.imgur.com/tAXA1pZ.png. Oddly enough even in a group it wasn't tradable... but at least I can vendor potions now for 100g! Too bad the LoH potion is probably the absolute worst one. Thanks RNG!

Dutifully farmed some Born's Keys and Iron Wolves Doctrines for crafting, and still see the SOH proc often enough to not worry too much about it being completely terrible. Only worry now is if they make it so all 3 bolts can't hit the same target!

73% CDR Monk:
Crafted a low cdr% trifecta Ashera's Gloves and 3 socket Born's Chest to abuse RRG for 3 different sets' set bonuses (Born/Ashera/Crimson). Ended up being a ~100k dps +2.5m Toughness trade, plus a bunch of follower buffs and procs that can draw aggro away. Definitely an option for higher MP group play when the goal is to see how much slowdown you can inflict on everyone's PC by filling the screen up with stuff. Sadly the bonus MF equipped on each follower doesn't apply when summoned. Solo, actually having enemies spread out hitting followers even with Inner Fire burning them all down is fun, but the few times I want stuff stacked in my Forbidden Palace to Fulminate, gets kind of annoying so without the MF transfer, will still likely stick to just Born/Crimson/Cinder... at least until I can roll some better Ashera's. T1/2 rifts with Inner Fire killing all the mobs - especially the annoying ones make it hard to go back to LTK.
Found... TF#2! Didn't roll natural 10% CDR so currently on my 70 Demon Hunter and waiting to be enchanted to STR/INT when I get bored of dex classes :-)

Been going thru some random strings of RNG. Sometimes I'd go an hour without anything then other times I'd get literally 3-4 drops within a minute. Twice it happened in the cemetery rift map, so I love those more than I did before. Finally got an ok CDR Magefist, so broke up my 2pc Sunwuko for FoE swapping to try out the (super long ICD) Ess of Johan, and like it more than I thought. The pull seems to work on Champions and is kind of like whack-a-mole when it procs for me to Fulminating the nicely stacked pack. Mostly been rifting and got TF#2 (saving it for my barb/wiz/wd) and completed the 3rd all-skill follower set for some Ashera's fun.

Also had 2 Gyana's drop, the first one had a 321% fireball and took 3 souls to get 6% crit. The next one (in monk #2 profile) had 397% fireball and still at 5.5% crit after 30+ souls. I gave up for now!
Spent another 1k shards trying to get hexing pants only to be disappointed yet again. Did have a decent sledge fist drop while farming up shards tossed it in my stash for zdps. Also crafted 4 crimson boots and 5 born's shoulders trying to upgrade mine no luck though.
T3 rifts with a good group. finally found first lightning monk set (the chest). only rolled 1 socket and cyclone strike as mainstat. need to decide to either reroll 1 socket for 3 or reroll cyclone for armor/something else. it did roll a secondary resist tho. :/
Went through a D3-Vanilla legendary drop explosion yesterday: 4x Echoing Fury, 3x Skorns, 2x Mempo, and of course, the daily Paddle.
As expected upgrades are few and far between. Collected/enchanted enough poison resist gear for a pull-monk-zDPS set but still not quite ready for T5+. Clan mostly caps out around T4 anyways, and playing CDR monk is 'funner' in those groups as EP is hard work!

But these days it seems like throwing forgotten souls at stuff to hope for a few % more is the only way to progress other than paragon. Spent like 40 souls to go from 9% crit to 9.5% on my magefists... and then another 30 on the Haunt of Vaxo to get over 60% CD. But at least RiF seems like a great and lazy way to get souls & shards.

Over the last week between rifts, I was half-heartily farming Ponyland for Spectrum Burger, and finally after (around) the 5th overall unique pony kill.....

Magical Sword Drop: http://i.imgur.com/PTpX7ts.jpg

Yay new transmogs!
I was scared to tun t6 As i just started to be able to do t5 with my build. My buddy said you're fine trust me!

After all i had heard about monks I wasn't too akin on trying t6, i had the dps but not the survival, so sure enough we got a group and we did about 5 t6 rifts and it was fast and fun. I actually enjoyed it and it felt like more of a challenge! We got tons of loot and exp and it was great. I'm looking forward to running more later!
Split this weekend doing some crafting runs, rifting-it-forward, and clan rifts. Farmed up probably 400+ Forgotten Souls and enough crafting mats to finally craft 4-useful-primary Born's Shoulders. I hate any slot with +skill affix now. All the rifts was nice for the gold bank and veiled crystals inventory. Actually short of essences now. I mostly gambled Helms with a few inventories of rings (nothing good).

火 Monk (Davlok)

Actually got 3 mini-upgrades this weekend. Mass helm gambling netted an extra 1.5% crit on my Kekegi and another lucky rift-graveyard leg burst netted the Magefist upgrade of +2% CDR. Also crafted Born's shoulders with AR so next focus is probably a better pair of Warzechian.

雷 Monk (Davrok)

Gave up the legacy Xeph & SoJ endless-LTK to push higher torments. Now a poison-resist hybrid dps-pull monk to be able to survive T5! With Haunt of Vaxo and Tri-Unity Followers with Asheras I'm almost a mini-WD! Got 6x legendary follower tokens, but only 1 of the "don't die" ones, but decked them with as useful gear as possible. Re-rolling resist is a pretty painful process as well.
Been maining my crusader but every time I reach 500 shards I gamble on my monk.

Slowly putting together my set and this is what I rolled/gambled this weekend:

BT Pants and Boots
Thundergods Vigor
Lightning % Bracers

Will continue to gamble 1 handed weapons when they split them into sub catagories...tired of rolling bows and wands for my monk.

Lastly I am going to farm for some Born and CC mats to craft Shoulders, Chest, Pants & Belt.

Soon he will be up and running doing some T1 rifts to hunt down a set of Shenlongs!

Been farming T4 with my friends and my focus is to get SOH, TF and cindercoat since I want to change to CDR-fire monk. After a few days, got TF and gambled a wearable cindercoat but now I am having problem maintaining my resistances.

Next set of goals is to get a decent fire amu , a cdr royal ring and better magefist.Will keep gambling boots until I get a pair of decent blackthorns

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