BRAVO BLIZZARD! Amazing launch!

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Thank you for the hard work to make this game launch go so smooth! Keep up the great work!
yes, agree, very pleasant launch experience. (big DUHHH to me for forgetting I had recently reset all quests on my main!)
Excellent launch, for sure.

Blizzard launched RoS a few minutes early, I think. It was 11:54 PM when I got the notification that the servers went live.

Aside from a few minor disconnect hiccups, it went much smoother than I expected.

And the gameplay is awesome. I was worried that it would be easy. At level 64 my friend and I were really starting to get our asses kicked.

Well done, Blizz. Well done.
Smooth launch because it wasn't hyped as much as the original D3 launch in the media.
Definitely better than I think many (myself included) expected. Can't really complain much about a few random disconnects and early 3006/7 errors. The errors probably only cost me about 5-10 minutes of play time, total.

Act V is pretty awesome so far, too.
Southern California, started playing around 4:00 AM - not a single glitch or problem.
Props to Blizzard. Great launch.
I agree nice job, half my gear will be upgraded in one day at this rate. Diablo is the best game ever.
Agreed, my son woke me up at 2, after getting him back to bed. i was surprised that I was able to log on/in with no issues! Downside is I did not go back to sleep, now I am at work..its going to be a long day!
Seriously, smoothest launch I've ever experienced.

Good work.
maybe it was a smooth launch since you didnt have 10+ million people trying to log in to their servers, and it was a monday night, just sayin....
+1 to Blizzard Good Job
Also agree with the awesome launch. Not only was it good by D3 standards (which I don't think we need reminded of too much), but it was good by any game's standards; quite possibly the only other game I've seen go live so smoothly is the WoW expansions and Guild Wars 2.

I did hit a few (and I really do mean a few) small issues when attempting to make my first Crusader. A quick relog (without any queue issues, by the way) resolved that. There was a brief moment of lag about 15 mins before midnight (a 20 second lag spike, which I haven't experienced since I started playing again last month) and I did get kicked from a co-op game once (but was able to jump right back in with one click, no problem). All of these issues were extremely minor and still allowed me to play for the large majority of my 1 hour of post-launch game time last night.

All in all a very, very, very solid and stable launch. RoS is definitely more action packed; the random events and wealth of explorable mini areas, such as bars, taverns, and homes are incredibly enjoyable while remaining completely optional, but each little area I've encountered ties in to the mission at hand. I won't pass judgement on the expansion or the Crusader class as a whole until I've been able to play more, but the launch of the expansion was damn near sublime.

Great job Blizzard, you've earned it!
+1 to Blizzard Good Job
Concur, Very well done this time.
Great launch indeed, 0 issues.
I'm one of Blizz's biggest critics, but I have to give them props here. Very smooth launch, and so far, the game is AMAZING.

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