Worth playing again without xpac?

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Pretty much as title says.
I can honestly say i wont be getting RoS anytime soon. So I'm wondering what features are/arent available without buying xpac.

So far I've found that
Act V and the mystic
arent available.. What else isnt available?
adventure mode
what about lvl70 cap?
That too
worth playing without xpac? yeah. It's a lot more fun now, loot is actually good, etc, it feels totally different. but I really suggest getting xpac, it adds so much more.
ok, so nothing new except bigger numbers on my gear.
last question:
Is RoS worth it? Or is it d3 all over again. By that i mean, am i going to hit lvl cap and have to spend vast amounts of time for boring loot thats only a slight improvement?
It is definitely not worth playing without the xpack, they designed the itemization system around having access to the mystic and gambling.
no man ros is masterwork
just buy it look at my gear i played only 10 hours
03/25/2014 04:49 PMPosted by MyCondolence
last question:
Is RoS worth it? Or is it d3 all over again. By that i mean, am i going to hit lvl cap and have to spend vast amounts of time for boring loot thats only a slight improvement?

I'm in your same boat sort of. My cousin is bugging me to play but there really isn't anything "omg" about the expansion. The loot is the same old boring loot, but now the stats are inflated. It can get 500/500 main/secondary stat. They then added to each item a special attribute "which is the only thing that is sort of cool" when it comes to stats.

Level 70 cap is just to get away from 60 to add more loot and another version of Hellfire ring. Nothing impressive it's just to extend the grind.

The new hero is cool, but that class will soon be out geared since he probably falls under dex or str or int as a main stat and you can just swap your gear onto him.

Paragon levels add stats to making you "stronger", but something to help make your character "unique."

Mystic is sort of cool, but only allows you to reroll on the same stat. Every reroll after that gets really expensive and on top of that gold barely drops now. Now that you can't trade anything, can you imagine picking up 7,000 gold stacks from Torment level 3? There are 6 torment levels and the cost for Mystic rerolling is high. Broken and needs to be fixed already...

They really destroyed trading with friends because now it's all account bound and if you want to trade the player has to be in your game. So if you've farmed hours on ends and find some cool extra loot for your friend, then that'll never happen. I used to save gear for my cousin and now that's out the door.

They have not added ladder, pvp or anything that D3 was to have. They say they are in "talks" about it, but we all know how that went over for D3.

They should have given current D3 players a discount on the expansion due to the incomplete game they finished and let new comers pay at full price. Full price $40 and then the collection one for $60 or so is such a slap in the face. "Oh by the way, we screwed you in D3, but we sort of made the expansion the way D3 was suppose to be, and now we're asking you for $40 - $60 more."
Yeah once i read that most, if not all legendary gear is BoA i lost interest, but seeing as the game has officially released thought i'd see how it goes in practice. I honestly cant see the point of having BoA gears now that they removed the trading post. I mean they might aswell make d3 offline.

Anyways, I'm probably not going to waste my money Seems they added some cool new features but it doesnt seem they really did anything to improve the game experience. Just the same old boring crap all over again, this time i cant play AH tycoon though :( .
I've been playing my old toons and have enjoyed the improvements even without RoS. I did get RoS though.

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