Rift crashes on my Mac

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happened a lot in beta. totally NOT FIXED even though I submitted a dozen crash reports

if you are on a mac and doing rifts (esp HC) make sure to run with someone ...it'll keep you from losing the rift and from dying

It's happening to me too. my game crashes when i try to enter a rift. Blizz plzzzz
Happens here as well, did 2 rift runs(One of which was by mistake in A1) and it crashed both times. Did another with a friend the other day and it crashed as well but after rejoining the game it felt like it wasn't as jittery as it normally was.
Rifts crash often on my Mac too, hopefully a hotfix comes out soon.
I am experiencing the same problem. When I try to zone in/zone out, the game will freeze and I have to force quit my game.
Also experiencing this.

OSX 10.9.2
Macbook Pro 2.5Ghz Intel Core i5

4GB 1600 Mhz DDR3

Also losing connection to server and crashing occasionally on town portal.
This is also happening to me, usually when it comes to loading a rift or a new rift level or even travelling back to town. Game crashes to desktop. It's not a connectivity issue.
Can you guys post your crash ID?

It looks like this: E8B19C2B-F9F4-4766-95FA-1E288803C0CB
Here's one from my most recent crash:


Was teleporting back to town to hand in my rift complete quest
Here's my crash ID: B257F915-8A64-41A9-AE48-78A44FFCBE5B

as well as mac specs:

Mid 2012 MBP
Processor 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 384 MB
Software OS X 10.8.5

Crash happened when I went to portal back to town(was around 32-40% done with the rift), FPS were pretty bad when I entered and skills would some times keep casting due to that I would assume.
+1 to this issue as well...
most often occurs for me when im returning to town from a rift.
50% of the time i crash
50% of the time i get stuck at the transition screen and have to reset.

mid 2012 rMBP
2.6GHz/8GB ram
GeForce GT 650M

since the last couple times this has occurred for me they have been freezes and i have to reset my computer. i do not have a crash id.

i have to say that between this and the graphical psychedelic freak outs that occurs after a hour or so (posted about in another thread), its disappointing to come back to a game where the gameplay has improved but playability has nose-dived, especially on a computer that was touted as *the* mac to play it on.
I've crashed twice in the loading screen while entering the rift. I didn't get a crash ID, as usual.
I didn't get a crash ID either
Happened twice to me while entering a rift tonight. Had to complete restart the macbook.
adding the list. I've been playing rifts with friends with no problem. Tonight I play in single player and on town-porting back to town it freezes on the loading screen. Twice in a row.

on a 3-4 year old iMac.
Same, on a shiny retina macbook pro. The rifts are bad juju. I'm going to go play now, when the inevitable rift crashes happen, I will edit this post with some crash ids.

Edit: and here is my first rift crash of the day:


95% of the way through the rift.

Mind you, I often get the "Crash when going back to town" problem that others are describing, but that isn't the only time I get rift crashes. In this game, i was simply in the rift killing stuff when it randomly crashed out. There wasn't even any lag before the crash; it went straight from a smooth game experience to crashed out. The monster density wasn't particularly high on the screen or anything unusual.
I lock up on the loading screen when trying to teleport back after finishing a rift. I've also had a few times when I locked up on the loading screen when just trying to enter a rift.
can't play, plz help

rifts crash my game all the time... and messes up my video.
Same here

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