Mighty Belts and Xbows droprate

Bug Report
Mighty belts and xbows seem to be dropping way too frequently for classes that can't use them. See this reddit post for more information:


The droprate für mighty belts especially is insane. Crossbows are very frequently dropped too, with the weirdest stats. I play as a monk in act V and I got 30% mighty belts + ~15% crossbows in one run. The crossbows almost always have +INT as primary attribute.

Is SmartLoot in RoS broken?

Combined with the fact that only level 61 items are dropping until you are past level 66 makes trying to gear up during 60-70 somewhat.. uneven. I am hoping its a moot point at 70 but it should still be fixed.
Same problem here, 5-10 blue or yellow mighty belts every full inventory. And too many blue or yellow one-handed crossbows, crossbows and bows for my wizard, i'm 100% sure that they drop more often than wands and staffs.

I got the same problem as well, way to many mighty belts and crowsbows. But I also get a lot of quivers with my mage.
Legendary loot seems to be bugged somewhat as well since I keep getting strength items even the same twice in a row.
Bumping because I didn't see any info about this in the hotfix
Just saw this is being hotfixed. WOOT

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