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Please for the love of god increase the drop rate on these by 10. We need them in EVERYTHING and getting 1 every 2 full clears in adventure mode is horrible.
Gz, you made thread nr 1499 about this topic.
03/25/2014 01:41 PMPosted by Zackarias
LoL BS. I haven't done a full clear and have got about 4 of these in the last 40 min. I guess the op has no concept that blizzard knows how many are dropping and I'm betting it is more than 2 a full clear. Of course his full clear could be from town to the first way point.

4 in 40m hmm?, soo that means you can craft an entire 4 yellow junk items per hour now?

Either remove them as a crafting mat for normal items or increase the drop rate. The reason there is 7864487234 threads about this is because its an issue !
No. I am doing full 5 clears for the entire adventure mode bonus and getting 1 if I am lucky. Clan mates are saying the exact same thing.
I'd go for a slight boost, but increasing the drop rate by 10 is a bit much.

Maybe doubling the drop rate of these then see where we are. Maybe up these in the resplendent chests!! hint hint.. other thread...
Agree. Would like to see the drop rate on these increased at least by a factor of 2, although a factor of 10 is probably too much. Also, would like to see salvaging legendaries give more mats. Really sucks to salvage a couple legendaries in an attempt to enchant an item and not even get a better property from it....
I'm in agreement it could be tweaked a little bit... But I don't see it as a show-stopper.
I don't usually use this, but this is a classic L2P example.

They're the new essence. The drop the same way. Farm elites on low difficulties to stock up.
I get 5-7 per clear on T2.
13 on a t1 adventure mode run =\
So the game has been out for less than 24 hours and people want increased drop rates and want EVERYTHING NOW!!! OMG, I NEEDZ TO CRAFT HUNDREDS OF STUFF AND NEEDS DB'S FOR IT.

Whatever happened to playing the game for a week or two and re-evaluating the drop rates. Get a grip OP. Play the game and stop wanting everything in the first few hours.
03/25/2014 01:33 PMPosted by morocka
Please for the love of god increase the drop rate on these by 10. We need them in EVERYTHING and getting 1 every 2 full clears in adventure mode is horrible.

that's a WoW style crafting adventure for you. play for 5 hours and get 1...maybe.

keep in mind you're not even grinding mats to get a good're grinding mats for the CHANCE at a good item, and that's what is really obnoxious.
Im not sure yet, but I feel they drop a reasonable amount, have to see how i feel when i come to craft a lot for that small increase in a few weeks.
Though I also hada troubles getting death breath I do not agree that they should be made more common.

1, because of the initial upgrade cost people are subjectivly thinking that they are too rare

2, later can get them pretty fast if you have a fast paced playstyle and do not kite a T6 rare pack fpr 1h...

imo people who are complaining about a lack of DB should first upgrade all there stuff and turn down their torment.

Actually even torment 1 is debateable in terms of overall efficiency imo.
The entitlement generation strikes again.

You guys are responsible for video games sucking.

Leave it alone it's fine. You shouldn't have BiS crafted gear on the first day. Calm down.
the entitlement generation is the reason we have BoA
Just as an FYI, the scaling drop rates for Death's Breath are the same as Demonic Essence (i.e. they scale the same way as you progress in difficulty). Currently, those drop rates are:

Normal - 15%
Hard - 18%
Expert - 21%
Master - 25%
Torment 1 - 31%
Torment 2 - 37%
Torment 3 - 44%
Torment 4 - 53%
Torment 5 - 64%
Torment 6 - 77%

We have no plans right now to change the rates, given that we're only one day into the expansion (we'd like to give things a bit more time to settle before we start pulling levers and adjusting knobs). That said, we are paying attention to your feedback! We'll be keeping a close eye on your posts, tweets, and in-game chat, as well as our own internal data, and if it looks like things aren't in a great place, we'll definitely reevaluate and make changes if needed. :)

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