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Paladinwtf, duh.
I find it somewhat sad that the only Blue Post in the top 3 pages of crusader threads is about crusader names. Can we please get some information about upcoming changes? Crusader feels VERY weak unless you find the SIX PIECE set. The main problem is scaling with damage skills. Sure you can make a tank crusader but if you are just waiting for the demonhunter to kill things it gets really boring. Heavens Fury-Fires of the Heavens are good and yet you NERFED it(and it was only usable with the full Akkans set. Other classes are doing 5 or more times our damage with similar gear.
I've looked at a lot of Crusader names over the last few weeks. Best one I've seen was on these American boards (I am EU).

Can't remember the Player name, but the Crusader name was Sircumference. Still makes me chuckle.

If you're out there: Well played sir, well played.
When darkness threatens the land and the people fear what horrors lie ahead, a hero must rise. This hero shall be the light in the darkness, the shield to protect the innocent, the glimmering hope when all seems lost.
His name is spoken in hushed whispers amongst those who oppose the light, a name which strikes fear to those who thrive in darkness. A demon mutters his name and silence falls throughout the dark lands...

"Sprunkles the Crusader..."
Verily it is SirCumference
I remember back in the days of D2 when paladins were called by their builds ie: a hammer build was called a "HammerDin" or fist of heaven's (Foh) was a "Fohdin." I named one of mine Aphodin, as he was a "fohdin."

as in Meliodas the Dragon's Sin of Wrath, Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins.

can it be more fitting? (kudos to all who know where it's from w/o using a search engine)

Because of reasons
Clobberess. She's a clobbering princess.
SUERDEPAYNE, wanted it to look like SuerDePayne
Couldn't think of anything cool, used all my names on other characters......

Joan.... Lol how original I know.....
Female Crusader named Jubileus, just because her fight was awesome, fit for a goddess.
It's Lysandr
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Jewsader isn't allowed.


Unfortunately, mine is much more mundane but it's a matter of tradition I have carried over since D1.

I am TheBlackKnight

Unfortunately, stupid Diablo 3 can only support 12 character character names. So, in Diablo 3 I am


Yes.. I know.. Terribly unimaginative and all that. I'm just happy I finally get a warrior/paladin archetype now..
Mine is "Zrzavejchlup", which is Kevin's nickname "ginger pubes" from movie Go Large :)
In a galaxy far away there is only War...nuff said :D
Thomas Hobbes, "Leviathan"

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