Adria, RoS Fight.

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This baffles me how hard the fight with Adria is. It makes the fight with Diablo look like a joke, I've died more times on my first encounter with her than the previous boss fights combined.
So after many, many deaths on torment 1, I've lowered it to master and she seems to spawn about 1/4th the number of blood pools, making this an incredibly easy fight. Lame.
yeah shes tougher to kill than diablo surprisingly. but I fought her at a higher lvl 65ish on t1 while diablo was at lvl 60. so it still kinda makes sense. the trick I think is to avoid the pools. my monk had 1000+ resists and I had been spamming heal mantra with 55k dmg absorb with pretty high life per hit and still that was not enough to resist the damage from her blood pools. I dont think any form of resistance can resist that stuff. just try to avoid standing on them while attacking her. try to lure her to a pool-less area when she goes after you..
Yeah I started Act 5 on Torment 5....I did 330k damage, had slightly over 1 million toughness and roughly 1100 resistances to everything (at 60). So toughness was not the issue. The problem I had was she spawned an awful lot of those pools till I had to lower the diff to master which seemed to reduce the number of the maggots by at least half.
Adria was the easiest and shortest of the 3 bosses and there's not even separate phases.
Hmm i killed her first try on torment 1. But she has a lot of health, like all the bosses in RoS. So its always a huge grind.
Didn't die to her once. Easy simply kite fest.

Mathael was a different story....
I thought all the fights were easy on Torment 1 once you figured out what was going on, and if you had enough armor, resistance, hp, and lph/lps.

I didn't die even once on any of the fights even though I had no idea what to expect going into them. And that's not a product of high skill, because I suck at playing D3, rather its just a product of extremely repetitive and predictable mechanics, high resistances, high hp, and hp pot spam. If there was an enrage timer however I never would have beaten the bosses because my entire build was based purely on survivability rather than damage in stark contrast to most other players. This is in stark contrast to the Diablo fight where I actually did die a couple of time on the last 2 difficulties, mostly because my gear wasn't up to par. Here I know my gear wasn't up to par but it didn't really make much difference. The problem wasn't really the lack of enrage timers, because that's not what usually killed me in normal D3. The problem was the structure of the fights themselves. I think because the RoS fights put so much emphasis on generating pools of !@#$ on the ground for the player to avoid that they couldn't make the boss actually threatening so the fight basically just boiled down to whether or not you could stay out of the fire. Of course being a Wizard probably helped a ton because I could attack the boss while running the stage whereas a meleer would actually have to stop moving to attack the boss and thus expose the character to whatever it was they were supposed to be moving out of.

The problem with the fights was how long and boring they were. A 20 minute spamfest that's nothing more than repeating the same short pattern ad nauseum for 20 minutes is just boring in the extreme. There was nothing interesting or fun about the RoS boss fights, and the large amount of attacks that were essentially unavoidable was just stupid. I especially hated the amount of %^-* all over the ground that you had to be careful not to step in, that only added to the tedium and removed any fun that could have existed, as did the constantly respawninng unkillable exploding adds during the Adria fight. At some point I just gave up avoiding them and just ran through all of them to set them off so I wouldn't have to worry about avoiding them while actually dpsing down Adria. There was no justifiable reason for those adds to be unkillable, especially when killing them would have had the same result of causing pools to spawn on the floor that would just make more !@#$ you had to be careful not to step in. Which isnt' really fair considering that the bosses themselves don't have to worry about stepping in the player's pools of %^-* because the bosses had way too much hp.
The worst part is trying to do that Adria Achievement having to avoid her Wing Slashes, Blood Pools, and Blood Balls. Good lord.
Adria takes away to much from diablo
06/23/2014 09:44 AMPosted by UFC!@#$%
Adria takes away to much from diablo

Can you clarify on this question?
I lost no health on Adria... Did they nerf her? I'm not that all in depth on diablo gameplay etc.
Well, it depends on your class of course. There's this video of a Witch Doc who just let all his dudes take the blobs; can't do that with a monk...
I personally liked the Malthael fight, there's more than a hint of WoW-style raiding boss in there and I absolutely love it!
I must have crap equipment. I'm at 250k Health, 214K damage for a level 69 barb - she's kicking my a55. I can get her down to about 1/3 health

My wizard however at level 65 took her out pretty quick.

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