Bounty: Touch of Death bug

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Definitely still bugged. I've done this bounty before, and you need a big square area for the "medical camp". I've 100% covered the map and it simply is not there*.

This bounty needs it's tile set to always include the large square area.

Still bugged, same as above...... Really annoying since this was the last bounty. A year later this could use some attention.
Same here,
Today with the new patch 2.3, I was play in different groups
All of the "Touch of Death" bounties were bugged.

Everything on this patch is awesome, except this problem which is a HUGE SLAP IN THE FACE :(
Can confirm aswell: This bug is still in Patch 2.3.
One year later, even with PTRs, the bug still lives.

Just amazing, Blizzard.
Just happened, so angry
Can we please get a hotfix i.e. disable this quest by server side?
Just had it happen to us about an hour ago. Went back through the Westmarch Commons and killed everything that moved. Also we weren't sure if it was in one of the houses so we cleared every single house event as well. I'm not sure exactly where the medical camp was. We were split farming and I didn't do this one initially.
Bugged for me right now, realy annoying with the new mats system.
so, it's been known for over a year now? pathetic.
Confirming the bug is still active. Aug. 29 2015
Dat Bug Doe.

Cleared out the entire zone, all 5 mini events, the next zone Gideon's Row, went and did the other 4 bounties in the act, came back, ran around the zone twice making sure everything was searched and killed, before coming here and reading that I was in fact boned out of all my time. No medical camp anywhere on my map.
Just confirmed this bug still exists.
Yeah, just got this. Well that's 20 minutes well spent to not be able to complete the bounty. Especially now that we have to !@#$ing farm bounties because they reintroduced crafting materials.

if we have to farm bounties, then the should all be operational. this was the last bounty before it got the bonus and now can't complete the thing.

Love the new patch... hate year old KNOWN bugs.
I haven't been active on a blizzard forum for about 10 years.

Just logging on to let you know this quest has bugged for our (different) groups for two days in a row now.
Blizzard, it bugging up messes up the flow of your game really, really bad.
Please fix it or build in a safeguard for this quest to complete somehow!!
Patch 2.3 Seasonal Character.
Bounty: Touch of Death
Medical camp is not on the map. Bounty impossible to complete.

This is a bit of a bigger issue now as it stops the Bonus Bounty chain.
Bugged bounty.
Please disable.

Super annoying
Act 5 Medical camp. We have had this bounty twice in two days. It forces us to restart the game because it cannot be completed and blocks the bonus bounty chain.

Please disable this bounty.
WIsh I knew this bug existed for over a FULL YEAR before I did all the bounties with this as my last one, then proceeded to clear every inch of the map only to find this thread in frustration. GG Blizzard. I understand things slip by, but a bug that exists for a full year is atrocious,

EVERYONE +1 the thread so it gets some attention please.

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