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Every time I open "menu" (esc) or "profile" or any other pop-ups the game pause and stops sometimes it crashes with freeze or shattering. This only happens inside the Nephalem Rift. I can normally play but the loot that drops from dead mobs sometimes is delayed with similar matter. I will see the item fall but I will not see the item until I force one of these "delay" into game.

Will there be anyway to resolve this?
I am having the same issue, it makes it nearly impossible to farm the rifts. It's been happening on any difficulty, from normal up to t3 (as far as I've been able to kill things so far) and it has begun happening when friends login, get achievements, I open a part of my ui (character sheet, game menu, achievements etc) or loot drops.
Glad hearing this is not happening only to me .

That's definitely their problem , i'm having the same issue ,drop not showing on the ground , small freeze on friend pop-up login , opening menus etc etc .

Keep this thread up . !
Same issue. I sometimes disable all notifications when it happens just so I don't get the freezes. Even with those off, I still get the freezes when I open my inventory, accidentally mouse over buffs, etc.
I was having the same issue but it seemed to improve when I turned on v-sync. This caps my fps at 60 when my monitor is 120hz. Also looking for a solution to this problem.
The same thing is happening to me. It seems to happen with ANY on screen pop up. Friends logging in, Inventory, CTRL clicking items on the floor, etc.
I tried turn down/off all graphic requirement, as well as setting it to windows mode but nothing changes. So I don't think it has to do with my graphic card.
I'm having the same issue.
Too many people at the same time having the same issue , it's something on their end .
I'm also experiencing the same problems. It's very annoying to be honest.
Same here.
Only in Nephalem Rift's.
Same here, only in Nephalem Rift. Please fix it.
I'am having the same exact issue, can we please have an update as to what is causing this issue. I've updated my graphics adapter and played with video settings but the issue persists. I only have this issue in rifts.
+ same issue
+ same repro steps: while inside a Rift, pressing ESC / opening the inventory, mouse over shrine buffs, etc.

Also, noticed that after the Rift Guardian is dead / the progress bar is gone, everything works smoothly again.

Mentioning that my spec is med to high (based on the game recommended system) and that my OS is win7 32bit.

Please keep this updated. Very annoying to do rifts like this.
bump. Having the same issue. Whats the deal blizz?
Opening menus will cause the game to very briefly freeze for me as well. Notification from friends completing achievements causes significant hiccups too.

dxdiag here: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9873927440?page=3#56
I have similar issues.

Every part of the game works fine except Nephalem Rifts. Inside the rifts my game appears slightly lagged (graphically I believe) but the real problems happen when I cursor over skill icons or open my inventory or other screen, the game freezes for about one second. Also, sometimes when I kill a mob I can see the loot animation of an item pop out of the corpse and fall to the ground, but no item or item label appear. Sometimes it takes up to 5 seconds or so before the item label and item art asset appear on the ground. If I open and close a window, inventory or character panel, the labels and item will appear but the game typically freezes when opening inventory. These actions make me feel like I might have missed some tasty loot in a rift ;-(

My comp is oldish but it's run D3 fine for years and like I mentioned, the bulk of RoS works fine, just rifts are difficult to play.

Intel quad 6600, 4 gig o ram, 460 gtx 1gig Vista 32 bit
Same issues.

Someone logs on or off, it freezes (though disabling those notifications completely, so that it doesn't even display in chat can help -- I never have the popups enabled). I open a menu, it freezes. I open my inventory, it freezes. I open my paragon panel, it freezes. Mouse over a buff or a shrine, it freezes.

An elite pack or treasure goblin dies, it freezes. I tried disabling the display of loot names/icons on drop, but that doesn't help.

And I am getting the loot that drops, disappears, then reappears a bit later, as well.

These things only happen in adventure mode, and I think a few only in rifts specifically. It only lasts for about a second or two, but it's still disruptive. Graphical performance as a whole seems slightly sluggish in rifts, as well. Playable (aside from the freezes), but noticeably less smooth.
Any update on this? It's unplayable and deters me from playing the game altogether.
Same issues.

Lag when a window is opened in nephalem rifts.
Even happens when mouse is moved over the player banners on the left.

Blizzard to the rescue !

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