Wooden Stake

Demon Hunter
Anyone here wanna farm Wooden Stakes?

Drops from:
Act I, Cathedral Level 4, Killian Damort (Rare spawn Skeletal Archer)
Act III, The Keep Depths Level 3, Belagg Pierceflesh (Rare spawn Skeletal Archer)

Lemme know.
Been farming for days and I haven't seen those champions spawn, bounty or otherwise.
Just killed a few, didnt drop anything, decided to give up on it unless some one wants to farm it with me.
Killed it about 5-10 times, on normal, and no drop. Doesn't seem worth the time trying to farm it when you could be knocking out split farm bounties or T1+ rifts. I mean, it could roll out complete garbage, after hours and hours of (annoyingly) farming one stake. I hope they up the drop rates on these, say 50% or so, otherwise I find crafting to be very unrewarding at the moment.
03/30/2014 05:59 AMPosted by Braush
Killed it about 5-10 times, on normal, and no drop.

Droprate scales with difficulty/Torment level, that's why you're seeing so few on normal.
I think that I got mine on the third try in normal.
Do you know the exact drop rate? Ive been farming T2 but to no avail.
Just a tip to those farming legendary mats... (if you don't know already) always check if the mob spawns as a bounty. If it does, you're guaranteed to get a kill at least.

In this case, Killian Damort does spawn as a bounty. So just keep making adventure mode games until you see a bounty for him.
Anyone up for farming these?
I've farmed this for a few hours with no success. I'd be down for doing some farming, but I'm not sure if this item is worth the trouble now lol.
Been farming this thing on every difficulty and cant get a hold on it ....
would be looking to get into some farming of this around 5pm or 6pm MST if anyone wants to add me for that.. danimals#1691
Add me up if you want to farm these Islingr#1658
who said that difficulty rating affects the droprate of the legendary crafting mats??

can you link to a blue post saying that?
add me if you wanna farm this.

FYI: In 30 minutes, still not spotted the bounty boss in either A3 and A1.

I just keep leaving the game and rejoining... nothing.
I got a couple from just doing. bounties. t1
I have the stake but no recipe. Where do I farm those?
neither of these spawn... an hour now and havent seen any.
I got three of them really fast in 3 runs. Wait for the Damort bounty. If it isn't in A1 Cathedral 4, remake game and restart. Took me like 15 min to get 3 stakes, I kid you not
Of course, after I crafted a half decent one, I got THREE DIFFERENT DROPS that were better... just no socket

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