Upgrading from Athlon II X2 to haswell G3220

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Will I see much improved performance?

My current system drops to 9 and 8 fps in rifts where there are MASSIVE fights and wizards on the screen.

I know its the CPU that needs updating but this game does not even support more than 2 threads so it makes things so difficult.

What kind of FPS increased am I expected to see with this haswell pentium G? and do you think its worth the investment? or just keep my athlon II X2?

I range from 8 to 60 FPS
Which particular Athlon II X2 CPU are you using? There are several variants.
Its the 250

Does it even matter?

I oc this to 3.3ghz and same bad performance d3 uses super pi and and sucks at that
There are another 4 variants of the Athlon II X2 250.

The best one compared to the G3220 suggests there is a 42% performance difference (at stock speeds).


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