tp to rifts hungs the game

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using tp to rifts or switching between acts hungs the game.

music still playing in background from youtube, mouse cursor moving. but i unable to kill the game (esc + shift + opt + cmd, seems like blizzard killl this combination) and unable to alt+tab the game.

i had to turn off my macbook pro.

blizz! restore app-kill key combination!
Have same issue with game closing as soon as rift is completed and I teleport back to camp. Game freezes in-between loading screen from rift to camp. Error code 88B575F4-D984-499F-A530-FCB032D29A9A.

Has happened on multiple difficulty levels for me. Issue has happened regardless of other on going graphical glitches reported in other posts, i.e those graphic glitches are not present when this problem occurs.

Mac Book Pro
OS - X 10.9.2
2.6 Ghz Intel Core i7
8GB 1600 MHz DDR3
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024MB
it keep hanging. about every 2hours. everying alive in background, even skype but diablo!

restore kill keys combination! i have to force power off my computer because of that!
2.0.4 keep hungs the game even more often.

blizzard! i understand u even put exit button in client by mistake, because who needs quit diablo client? but when it hungs why here is no kill combination working what is the point of game client with stucked screen?

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