Bunch of disconnection issues

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error code 3007 nonstop
yeah there have been serious issues logging in and then getting repeated "timed out 3007" errors. especially in the past 30 minutes.

and logging in has taken about a minute every time, it's never done that for me before. in the past it was >10 seconds to login to battlenet server, authenticate and get hero list.

also this forum took about 2 minutes to load. it's their servers.
When I finally do manage to get in-game. I get dced right away when I try to PLAY the game.
getting it as well, it has happened before.
same here, login issues all of a sudden...../sigh
Im getting the same 3005,3007 server timed out
i was logged in and in the middle of a quest when i got DCed and now im unable to log back in..fixxxx
Same here. Just started happening about 20 minutes ago.

first had problems logging in

when i get in i get a disconnect
in the exact same boat, 3005 and 3007, beyond really making me wish for an offline mode again, is this an issue with another DDoS attack or something of that nature is it?
same here....login,,,start game....code 3005....right after code 3007
getting the same thing 3007 then a 3005 everytime and keep getting issues with this website as well
Same here. I can play for about five mins before it times out.
Me and my buddy that both live in the same area are having this issue as well, but everyone in our clan seems to be fine. We are able to login for about 1-2 minutes at a time before getting these errors again. :(
constan dcs
I am having DC issues as well. It's making the game completely unplayable.

I have flushed my DNS cache and still have the issue.
I am having the same issue.. Able to login and play for 5min MAYBE... Then I get disconnected.

Edit: I'm on the west coast
so it's not just me then, server problem for sure.
Same here. Looks like we're all in this boat together.

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