Bunch of disconnection issues

Technical Support
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Yep. a blue post in here would be nice...
Cox Nebraska as well.
Cox East Coast
03/31/2014 12:02 PMPosted by Ddrunebags
Anyone internet Savvy think there is anything we can do on our side? or simply wait and see what happens?

This seems to happen with cox every couple months and last for a day or two. Probably going to have to just wait it out.
sad panda
Can we get a blue?? Thumbs up
Cox from az ....
Blizzard has declared war on Cox Communications Incorporated.
Cox, Vegas FTL!
Issue just started about 45 minutes ago. Cox/AZ.
Same issue as well with Cox Communications as my ISP in AZ.
Having the same issue, Cox So Cal.
Cox in Rhode Island. Getting DC'd even just from the game menu.

Don't hold your breath for a blue post.
Vegas here as well :( Damn Cox
waiting for blue
Cox,Ok here .. this blows tbh ~
03/31/2014 12:04 PMPosted by Nethealius
Blizzard has declared war on Cox Communications Incorporated.

Probably the other way around. D:

I haven't been all that happy with Cox for *years*, but I don't have a better alternative available.

Huh... Guess it isn't blizzard's fault this time.
Cox Hampton Roads - ftl.

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