3/31: Cox Disconnections

Technical Support
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lolz fix it plz

Melbourne vic Aus
This is bs i want to play but i cant ><
To all who still cant play today, its a simple fix, posted by another use that probably got buried in here.

Go into your network adapter settings (for xp, control panel, networking, networking adapter) for 7/8 go to network connections

right click it, go to properties, find ipv4, click it, click properties, where it says use the following dns servers, put in: and then in 2nd box, hit ok

now run d3 and play...worked for me i played all night just fine, not a single dc after i did that!

So please try that, should work, until cox/blizz fixes the issue, and its safe.
Be for i did all this i tryed it as well now its saying am offline an cant even get on now

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