Desktop for D3:RoS - is this a good price?

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I am looking at purchasing a desktop. The primary purpose is to use for playing D3:RoS, although with having a desktop capable of playing games with better settings I may try a few other games, too. I will also use this desktop as my regular home PC.

With that said, I am wondering if anyone can give me some perspective on whether this computer, at this price, is a good deal?

Here's a screenshot of the deal in my shopping cart.

If you must know, I am a bit strapped for cash, and I am particularly interested in getting this PC from HP because it comes with 18-month interest free financing through my Bill Me Later account. I can afford the monthly payment, but I can't afford the desktop up front. Otherwise, I would have looked at other options (such as building my own PC or using a pre-made aftermarket PC builder website).

Thanks for your feedback, D3 community.
Those components could easily be assembled for less than 1k if you do it yourself. That said, this configuration is definitely overkill for RoS. First off, the core i7 is simply an i5 with HT, which games don't use, so may as well get an i5 - you won't see any difference in gaming performance. The video card is more than enough, but if you want to play other current/future games then stick with it. And standard gaming rigs these days use 8GB of ram which is more than enough.
Thanks for your feedback. I was thinking the RAM was a bit much (although not necessarily bad for doing other things). I do some digital editing from time to time, and I do some graphic design and video work. However, my current laptop with much less power handles those tasks ok.

I didn't realize that the i5-i7 difference lay mostly with hyperthreading, and that games don't make use of HT. I didn't pick the i7 on purpose; I simply had to in order to get the price over $1199 so that it would qualify for the 18-month finance deal with 0% interest.

Glad to hear it about the video card. I thought that it would be easy to upgrade in 1-2 years if needed for other games, however after checking a few things it seems that the video card is fairly capable, at least compared to other mid-range cards.

I haven't built a computer in over 10 years, and my confidence in building my own PC is pretty low. I am happy to pay a little more for the convenience of a pre-built system.

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