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Anyone else tried running D3 on this system?

I bought one so that I could use it while on work travel (I don't want to carry two laptops on travel and I have to carry a fairly large one for work).

I was running D3 reasonably well (low graphics settings) at about 40-50 fps.

Then I updated from windows 8 to 8.1 (and all the appropriate drivers) and now I am running at 20-30 fps and it is randomly freezing while playing D3. I've uninstalled and reinstalled every driver at least twice and removed everything off the laptop except D3, Norton and Office. I am wondering if it is a windows 8.1/driver issue or if maybe I just need to send it back to the manufacturer.

Anyone else have any experience with this??
Not yet, but I just ordered one. I'm still wondering if the device can run Hearthstone, any idea if it does or not?
Razer Edge Pro w/ HD4000 + 640m LE your asking if that can run hearthstone? A card game?

Yes it can... can't iPads play it? The Razer Edge Pro is a entry/lower end gaming laptop crammed into a tablet. It'll handle a good amount for what it is.

@ OP. I'd also make sure it isn't using the HD4000 and is indeed using the 640m; that's what jumps out at me as maybe something that was changed in the 8 to 8.1 upgrade. Have you tried messing with the D3Prefs file? Tweaking your resolution, hardware class, things like that should help you get a little more juice out of it... sad to hear it was working good but now not so much.

**looked at date... facepalm

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