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I got disconnected from the game, and after I tried logging in again I keep getting Error 10017.
The client will let me log on, but after I cannot join games, nor can I create games.

I tried relogging on, resetting router, restarting computer but nothing works.

Please help.

Sometimes I also get Error 395000.
Regardless of which error, both seem to block me from playing the game 100%.
Im getting the same !@#$ing error. And nothing works to fix it.
WOW WHAT IS THAT!!! i cdant log in....... holy !@#$ fck internet... every game have a fck problem.... what a bull %^-*....
Was a fix ever found for this, happened to me today and I can not join any games, nor create one.
Im getting the same error from when i disconnected from a game
Same here :(
Me too.
I'm also getting the same errors.
I'm getting Code 10017 when I try to create or join a game, along with the following message:

"Unable to join channel. You have joined the maximum number of this channel type."

I've tried the following suggested fixes:

  • Exiting the game, as well as the app and restarting them.
  • Logging in with a different character.
  • Deleting the Blizzard Entertainment folder from C:/ProgramData.
  • Delete the Cache folder from \Diablo III\Data_D3\PC\MPQs and running the repair tool from the launcer
  • Are there any other options I could try?

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