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Hi guys!

This solution MAY NOT work for you, but it did solve the crashing issues I have been having lately. I would end up crashing about 30 minutes or hour into play. Also crashing when teleporting back to town after Rift runs.

Here is what I did to solve most of the problems. I do still crash once in a while but it got rid of 80% of the problems.

In the video setting options I turned off or un-clicked all the options except for the max background and foreground FPS options.

Then make the Max Foreground FPS to 30 and Max Background FPS to 6.

Then for the click down menu options I put it to the "Low" settings for everything.

My Display is Windowed (fullscreen) and my Resolution is at 1920x1200 (16:10 Widescreen).

As for people who crash after trying to teleport back to town after rifts, do not use the Town Portal to get back to town. What I do is wait about 10 - 20 seconds. Then use the teleport to player option and it gets me back to town without crash.

Ok guys, hope this helps. Again, since you guys all have different models and set ups, it may not work, but it did resolve most of my problems.

I am on 2009 Mac Pro running latest OS fully updated.
Hey dude,
I'm experiencing crashes too.
But mine happens like every hour or so. Was this the same for you?
It only started happening after ros for me, how about you?
ya it started happening after ROS came out.

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