Constant mac osx crashes since ros

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Alright so I'm running mac osx 10.9.2
Pre expansion I never had any issues with the game client crashing.
How ever since the launch of ros I'd get a game crash about an hour after game play.
It's always consistent too, like an hour later I'd crash when I re open.
I play hardcore mode so it's not ideal, I lost a toon in normal runs last night which should not have happend.
Is anyone else experiencing this?i searched on Google but it all dates pre ros
There is a few in the eu.battlenet but not with the same issues.
I would also get the game runnin really slow when holding ctrl to look at loot on the ground.
I'm running 2012 Mac Pro with 1gb gfx card and six gig ram it's pretty powerful.
Just want a solution :(
Your not the only one my friend.. Ive been experiencing a lot of crashing in adventure mode since ros. Before the expansion I cannot recall ever crashing.
I can't even download ros from theDVD either on my MAC or on my PC. I keep getting sent back to the original D3. Any advice ? Im running OS 8.5 , Radeon HD 6750m 512MB. Everything meets minimum requirements. No problems ever with D3.
MAC OSX just having a !@#$load of problems with RoS I get a crash like 3 out of 5 times entering Rifts. Ths is just unnaceptable.
This needs to be fixed ASAP. I'm not enjoying all my hours spent on a char and have it die cause bliZZ can't sort something like this out.
I understand if my computer was old and had like 256mb graphics.
But this bad boy is not old and she has alot of power.

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