Wow I just played Path of Exile for a week before RoS

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And I am going back. I have lost a lot of interest with you Blizzard. I played for like an hour today and felt powerful. I felt good about how the game progresses over time. It is very fluid and allows for different build characteristics. My attacks and armor do not look like everyone else's and that is fun for me and the growing playerbase this game has.

From your lackluster games, to catering to a few elitists vs catering to the masses. You nerf everything fun about your games, then noobify them saying "this is what you asked for isn't it?"

Which is the exact oposite thing we asked for.

I highly suggest you go back and play Diablo 2, and go play this very fantastic game and get an idea of what gamers actually want vs what you think we want. Go play Witcher 3, go play Final Fantasy 14 Realm Reborn. Go play Torchlight 2. Let these games show you what we want as gamers. These are the games getting the fanbases of 2014.

We want a game that is rewarding which gives us a level of competent fun. Fun isn't grinding 1-2 hours for a legendary which sucks 9 times out of 10. Fun isn't being nerffed. Fun isn't building 1 specific cookie cutter build just like everybody else. Fun isn't feeling inadequate and being shown that you aren't good enough. Fun isn't being one of the few lucky few who have 1.1 million damage while others are barely breaking 400k. I don't feel lucky, I feel like I carry every one of my friends. Fun isn't having every good items account bound. I can't share?

Yet another massive letdown from a failing company. And you wonder why you are losing customers...

Get back to your roots Blizz. I say this because I am passionate about you as a company and want to see you succeed!
I tried PoE. Didn't like it.

To each their own, there's no need to make a big rant about it.
POE with D3's fluid combat (no desync!!) would be the perfect game
aren't you thankful!?
I also tried it, gave it a few tries..

Glad OP is loving it, he should go post on the PoE forums and be done with it. Go cold turkey.
I couldn't get into PoE. It felt clunky and dated. Kind of like D2.
if PoE had the diablo style and story and feel, all the currency was changed to a gothy diablo 3 version, man i would throw my wallet at Blizzard..

the old blizzard would have thought of this... new blizzard just lost touch with gamers
POE is terrible.
PoE is awful C grade movie whereas D3 is the War and Peace of arpg's.

Have fun slumming it!
Path of Entitlement.
Have played 2.0 for 2 weeks and RoS for few days...Now i'm playing again Torchlight 2 and Terraria, and reinstalled PoE...

But this is not a matter of why other games are better, this is a matter of why D3 is still disappointing.
Game is still broken and not rewarding at all. You can still found rare that are far better then legendaries, no character customization at all, no replay value, idiotic and empty ideas like kadala and her useless bloodshards and adventure mode, non-sense expensive crafting, and still a non-sense massive abuse of RNG.

All the core ideas that rocks in D2 was completly forgotten by Blizzard, and also all amazing features that other famous similar game have are completly ignored.

Except for the amazing gameplay, this game have no content compared to other similar game, and RoS didn't bring anything really new: the Mystic is another huge and non-sense RNG feature, Kadale even worse, i mean why, WHY add a new currency (bloodshard) just to give us another source of RNG items?
Played poe for 6 months while i took a break from D3, march 25th left and never looked back

If it's not your cup of tea, no need to write a post, just leave. No one who plays a game for an hour and forming an opinion has credibility. Probably played on normal. Difference between D3 and poe is that both are face roll at default difficulty, but only one can get harder.

And don't argue rewarding and say you're going back to poe. Either you get lucky drop or you play trade simulator until you get rich, ie D3 pre AH removal.
OP probably also made a post on PoE forums stating how much (s)he hates D3.
04/03/2014 05:11 AMPosted by voodoowater
04/03/2014 05:06 AMPosted by NewZodiac
I tried PoE. Didn't like it.

To each their own, there's no need to make a big rant about it.
There kinda is But F(u) ck the true diablo fans lets make the WoW fans happy..........

Oh yeah? Go on. What did WoW fans to do mess up your D3?
04/03/2014 04:33 AMPosted by PonyKiller
And I am going back.

No loss.
04/03/2014 05:21 AMPosted by Duffless
04/03/2014 05:11 AMPosted by voodoowater
... There kinda is But F(u) ck the true diablo fans lets make the WoW fans happy..........

Oh yeah? Go on. What did WoW fans to do mess up your D3?

FFXIVARR was soooo bad
I can't get into PoE. I've played it off and on for a while now, but just can't really sit and put much into it. It's not a bad game, just doesn't manage to hold me.
I fire it up every so often, play for a couple days, then move to something else.

I think it's the garbage way abilities are handled. I absolutely hate the fact you have to find your abilities like you would gear. Certain abilities, be they passive or on use, are practically must haves for higher difficulties. It makes progressing an arduous task after awhile if your luck is crap, regardless of how good your gear is.

I'm looking forward to Grim Dawn. I absolutely loved Titan Quest.

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