Comcast lag 4/2/2014 ???

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As of 3:52 PST anyone noticing a severe lag spike with Comcast?
yes i am having this issue as well
began last night @ 2 am ish
reset signal to modem did not help
restart / shutoff box did not help
supposedly works fine yet d3 is choppy at 1300ms
Yes, I've been noticing the lag yesterday (4/2/14) from Comcast Santa Clara, CA.

I was talking to a friend from Colorado, and he was experiencing lag on Monday (4/1/14)
Last night around 11pm the game was unplayable on Comcast for me.

This morning I played for about an hour and had no issues.
Experienced same issue when I played for a bit an hour ago. Huge, multi-second lag. Had to stop playing. Game booted me once. I'm in SoCal.
completely unplayable for me for the past 20-30 mins
Well good news is its almost time to go to the Kings(NBA) game. Drown my sorrows with over priced arena drinks. hope to play when I am back.
i have comcast and noticed lag last night also is there still lag today or is it better
04/02/2014 04:21 PMPosted by Evilmichael
i have comcast and noticed lag last night also is there still lag today or is it better

I had no issues last night. But when I got home today I noticed it about 5 mins into playing. Now im just playing xbox
Heck...I can't even log in now...North port Florida
I have Xfinity. It frequently goes out during peak usage time for 5-10 seconds at a time.

It kicks me out of any game that requires steady connection, not just D3.

Comcast needs to get their act together.
yup cant play now :(
Net neutrality is dead.

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Fresno, CA here as well. Also on comcast. Problems for me started around 11pm PST last night. Just after I spent 4 keys on a machine and opened a portal for the hellfire ring.

I've also noticed that when the game is spiking the hardest, these forums are slow as well.

All other browsing and applications I tested are fine.
I had terrible Comcast service for months (latency spikes up to 7 seconds, usually at weekends) I dumped their asses and went with a smaller company. I pay less and my internet no longer sucks.

Despise Comcast.
I am also from Fresno, CA. I played pretty much all day yesterday (4/1/2014) and it was fine until around 11 pm PST. Around that time the game became unplayable in groups. Still happening to me today with multiple disconnections. It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one with this issue.
So it is just a Comcast issue? LAME :(

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