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OK I know I know I keep saying I am back but am never around afterwards. I am having great success with my business so my play time is sporatric. I have found that my character sucks and am looking for some advice on where to quickly go to find some build features. Like stats to look for and items to grind for. Links would be super helpful since I barely have time to play let alone scour the forums for answers.
Rings Ammy Gloves:
    Main Stat
    Crit %
    Crit Damage

    Main Stat
    6% crit chance
    IAS (if you get lacunis or other leg with natural atk spd)

    Main stat
    atk spd
    Bonus: Socket

Shoulders, Boots, Chest, Pants:
    Main stat
    3 socket chest, 2 pants.

    2k+ dps
    Crit damage or IAS (both if u can somehow find it)
    Main stat bonus

    Good damage
    Crit chance
    Main stat

Fatty int gems in armor and source
Fatty crit damage in weapon.

Mitigation > HP. Aim for at least 1500 AR for comfort. 250k HP should suffice.

Look at my profile for the build. Melts most things and gives me almost 2M damage self buffed.

Core: Movement speed > Main stat. If above PL 200. U wanna max movement speed to free up primary stat on boots.
Offensive: Crit damage > IAS > Crit chance
Defensive: AR > Armor > Life%
Utility: Life on Hit > whatever you want.

If you wanna hit top tier DPS, get Tal Rasha chest for its unique + IAS, witching hour for its unique IAS and Crit Damage, and Inna pants for its unique IAS and crit chance.

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