Which follower are you using right now?

Demon Hunter
I'm using the templar right now as a meat shield...but I reckon if I use a scoundrel, I might put out more dps?

Which are you using right now and why?

Hatred regen.



Life Regen.

Never. EVER. Dies. (My Templar has about the same toughness I do, and I have a lot for a DH)

I see a good few people using Scoundrels, but meh to that.
i have the legendary templar relic that makes him never die.
Scoundrel, because yellow numbers are pretty.
Templar, he has legendary relic that allows him to use all his skills and Azurewrath.
Scoundrel with legacy Buriza 12.5% Freeze with a Star of Askaranath 4.1% Freeze and trained on Multishot to freeze as much as possible
Let's not forget the comedic relief
Templar. I need the healing.
I dig the enchantress for ASPD + armor debuff.
Scoundrel, he can have all my hand-me-down loots with the smart loot system.
Found a legendary sorceress relic that gives her access to ALL of her skills. She's very helpful, not only with attack speed but she is forever turning some pretty mean dudes into chickens which renders them incapable of doing any damage for a few seconds but doesn't stop them from taking damage.

I think an elite issued a thunder attack as a chicken but I'm not positive. Man, I HATE the thunder attack.
Templar with about 25% CDR and legendary relic for all skills.

I equipped him with a Rare Cold Bow with chance to freeze.
Also happened upon the Amulet The Ess of Johan with chance to pull in targets. Everytime he pulled in targets, I LfB that spot. Pretty handy.

It helps to equip him with all the legacy rings with 7-9% atk speed.
Scoundral cause mine has windforce and 396k dps and he kicks !@# also got a token with access to all his skills.
My templar is a monster, Has an amulet that increases stun durations by 20%, and he has a very nice Coven's Criterion shield, so he's unstopable... and on HC, I can't live without him solo ;D
enchantress w/ a bunch of magic find gear including a staff that has MF :P + the leg item that makes her immortal :D
Templar with The Ess of Johan is sweet stuff. In general thats a really good companion neckless for demon hunters.
all three! Asheara's 4pc set bonus... or at least that's what I want to do.

Dream team would be:
Templar with:

Enchantress with:

Scoundrel with:


and I'll wear a unity with them for 75% damage reduction, their unique tokens make it so they can't die, so free damage reduction for me. To work as a team the scoundrel and templar can freeze, while the templar and enchantress have a chance to kill them instantly ^.^ The Scoundrel and enchantress can also both pull people in using the Ess of Johan

For now, I've been switching between scoundrel because of the unqiue token and the templar for HR and Stuns.
Lyndon! Ranged folks gotta stick together ya know.

Plus he has the thingy that makes him unkillable so he's my portable shield against ranged projectiles.
I normally use frozen Scoundrel but I just love killing Goblin with CA so I switched to Templer and get him to wear the old Puzzle ring which spawn goblin quite beautifully. Most of the time, the goblin appear during elite fight so it add more fun and challenges to it.

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