Demon Hunter
Just buff the existing stuff.

I'd rather them make players stronger and the monsters stronger to compensate than just directly penalize players for, well, playing the game as it existed.

The biggest issue is that there is SUCH a huge power gap. They don't need to make stuff identical, just make them viable when compared.

I'm still using a Witching Hour. Bothers me every day.
You posted this garbage in the general section as well.

I doubt anyone cares, or very few if any.

I for one couldn't care less. You want to use legacy garbage to kill elites, rock on.
It's a legitimate point about the relative strength of something.

I mean, yes, on one hand, it doesn't really matter.

But it's all about gear. The idea what our gear is WORSE than it used to be is a rather frustrating one.
Another "it's not fair they got this item and I dont" thread.. Seriously common lol nothing they do affect the your game play in anyway. Also tiered rifts are a maybe idea and even if they did come out who cares it has zero rewards. This is just another my e peen feels shorter than this guy's so it's not fair even though it affects me in no way it's not fair type of things.

If your worried about a SOJ being imbalanced somehow you should see the permanent Avalanche barbs or the 70m crit crusader heavens fury spam going on. Not to say Tha the should be nerfed either, because honestly it affects me in no way but just saying. People will always say something is OP blah blah and then move onto the next thing. Last month it was Wizards next month it's whatever else comes along. Just stop worrying about it and play the game and have fun it isn't a race lol

Also don't worry I'm sure Blizzard will just nerf cluster arrows and ruin the fun for everyone instead of buffing our other spenders and you will get your wish anyways.
For the record... Because I'm feeling petty...

Meta still runs 60 stuff.
^^ Tool comment, ever think that the people that use lvl 60 gears is because maybe they haven't found anything worth using to upgrade that slot yet?

Or conversely, the gears they have allows for something that is not achievable by someone else without said gear, sounds to me like that actually applies right now (played 750+ hours D3V - never having found a SoJ for example), you can go the whole life cycle of this game and in all possibility never find the gear that you want for a particular build.

The only difference here is that the gear you are talking about doesn't drop from current loot tables.

This would be a serious problem if this game had a legitimate competitive element, of which it doesn't (not counting epeen).

SO, if you have a serious problem with this, go the full hog and ask for everyone to be wiped of all gold/mats collected prior to lvl 60 and ask for a full reset (not soft reset like they did aka not allowing for rerolling legacy gears). Don't request something half @ssed. Do it properly.

04/06/2014 03:59 PMPosted by DeynaSilaqui
It is pretty retarded, I agree. I am not sure why new items are on such a lower power level with these existing, especially items that are supposedly ten item levels higher. Its incredibly stupid.

The devs had a whole different philosophy on how to devise a coherent stat based system with progression towards power that didn't diminish or trivialise the gameplay, nor force people into certain specs (see LS nerf) in order to beat the content.

Basically they wanted incoming healing to be more strategic and thus more meaningful and had to adjust the difficulty for this, inevitably this affected gearing (thus the 4/2 system for gear was born as one aspect towards a solution).

This is exactly why rerolling legacy gears was disallowed last minute, because it would have taken a metric tonne more iteration in order to figure out how to make it balanced.

So look, at the end of the day, haters are gonna hate because you don't have the gears us players have from playing the game (or the AH) from day one. So go and ask that everyone be reduced to nothing and restart from scratch because it's not just gears but gold and mats that other people have that you don't. Don't just ask for this concerning the DH either, better go and post about it concerning every other class as they are all in the same boat.

And if you were a decent DH player, you would have figured out by now that legacy gear will get you so far, but the reality is (don't know if many people look really long into the abyss here) if you can see this game that far ahead, you would understand what you are giving up/limiting yourself to in order to play a particular way. We are a few weeks into the new Diablo, seriously...


Please tell us something new.
I want to take this opportunity to stress that there is a difference between builds that still rely on generators and simply use CA as their hatred spenders, and builds that specifically gear all the way for cost reduction (on top of Cindercoat), in order to make CA truly spammable and forgo a generator skill entirely.

I think the latter is much stronger than the former, if you're still running a generator at all you haven't really seen the light yet as far as CA is concerned, it's seriously a whole new world of hurt.

Anyway, for those who are seeking to replicate this without legacy gear, here is how you do it.

I would recommend using my profile as a base but swapping out the legacy SoJ (which is the only legacy item I am still using) for a Royal Ring of Grandeur, and wearing 2pc of the Captain Crimson set on your pants + boots, you'll get the 3pc 10% cost reduction bonus thanks to the Royal Ring, and still keep the 8% cost reduction on Sash on Knives. A slow 2h crossbow preferably without any ias is also recommended.

With that you should be able to spam CA freely, however I should warn you that the viability of this build is solely dependent on your ability to not get hit - because you absolutely need the Pride's Fall buff to be up, otherwise firing CA will become unsustainable.

This last bit is all up to you, it might be cookie cutter (and this is a good thing, it's cookie cutter because it works), but no one can claim this build is easy as long as you have to manage the Pride's Fall buff (and Hexing Pants as well once the droprate is fixed, Blizzard pls -_-).

btw, your math is wrong. that's not how resource reduction is calculated...

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