After 260+ Rifts & 1500+ Bounties most on T3, I can say

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Ok, apparently the acronym RNG and its definition/purpose has eluded a few of you. RNG is a Random Number Generator. If something has a .5% chance to drop, no matter how many runs you partake in, it will always remain .5% (some people will argue till they are purple about this one... don't you'll look silly).The drops are randomized when the loot trigger occurs. After, a random selection from the mobs/area's loot tables is made. For instance, imagine a 100 sided die is rolled when you kill a mob/open a barrel. If it is a number between 1-30 it will be white, 31-50 blue, 51-65 yellow... so on and so forth. For the record... these numbers are completely random and only to explain the concept.
Some of the claims on this thread crack me up. We are talking about computers and their programs. Incase someone is ignorant... let me explain how electronics work. Pulses of electricity! That's right... there is someone flipping a light switch on and off vigorously when you play your games. JK, kinda. The concept is still the same but it is all regulated by your computers hardware and software.
There are occasionally errors in a games coding (typo's or conflicts with other threads of coding). However, I don't think claiming it's broken w/o dev. released formula's (for whichever system in question), is rational. Also, the thought of people re-rolling characters because it's "unlucky"... ... ... really? So the games coding is bias or is it the computer? Perhaps there is a d3 dev. monitoring your gameplay and making sure you get no unique or set drops cuz your white (I'm white too... just a joke). Maybe, we could just increase all the drop rates so everyone can get geared and bored within a month. Then we can waste more money on purchasing another game for our leisure.
For the record, I have had some terrible RNG for the last 20 or so years gaming. I can sympathize with the frustrations of watching other people get that dope new gear and not getting one till everyone else had one. Just saying... a Random Number Generator randomly generates numbers and gets applied to a template/table... it's a computer/software (it doesn't care who you are it treats you the way its programmed to)...
Just dis all items on all chars , sell other and delete all chars. i do it and i'm happy). For me d3 classic > d3 RoS. In d3 calssic i have motivation - all acts in inferno need gear upgrades for start farming and AH balanced Blizz RNG. RoS now only casual grind and if you luck on 3 OP weapon - you can easy farm t6 - no skill needed - no other items needed - only OP weapon and you be imba. No way to farm needed items, no way to craft set items( have 3 set recipes ).

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You want weird? I keep getting rings and amulets, the occasional armor piece, and no weapons.

No set items, either. How odd is that?
I rarely do torment 1 above, just do speed run clear bounty and suddenly got 2 or 3 legendary less than an hour. Duration does not matter. Long hour farming takes longer clearance which makes you feel like you need to get rewarded and it biased your perspective It is how effective you run.

hat's why even though magic find is buffed in group play, I never play with others. It makes you feels like cheated every time other player get shiny things when you not. Also the pace of the game depends on how fast other people clear theirs. This is my game and I play it by myself, unless something force me to do so. Oh btw you never have a legendary or set plan?
Got sick of no leg drops on T1 so started a crusader on HC after 18 lvls i got only 2 drops.
Do accounts have a limited drop rate or are the drops random.
Is there any point using higher lvls to get higher damage weapons as I've seen others get drop after drop and if I get 1 it's attributes are useless
04/07/2014 01:29 AMPosted by Darksiders
So far i've done 114 rifts and 1503 bounties and I've played D3V for around 2500~ hours and in all that I've suffered from the same "RNG" problem, best Item i've found was a Int unity with 8% IAS on it. so I know what i'm talking about and I don't see any reason that my "luck" will change because it's not an issue of luck or randomness.

I call BS on this.... Adventure mode came out with Reaper, which released 14 days ago. Doing simple math, that equates to 336 hours of possible play time. To put it another way, 2500 hours of playtime equates to 104 days. You'd have to be multi-boxing with nearly 7 and a half copies all playing at once. Unless your cheating how the hell could you do that, this isn't bingo!
I know this conversation went a little far by now, i just wanted to add that i was discussing this exact same topic with a friend the other day.
We noticed that He always (and i mean ALWAYS) gets the legendary crafting materials (even pre 2.0.4 patch), i got every crafting recipe in the game but no materials (almost no legendary items) and another friend gets like 1 legendary every 20 minutes (constant not a luck streak) so we were thinking it wasnt random at all, there must be something dictating what we get somehow.
it is just a crazy theory but we cant explain it.

EDIT: Also.. we all play together at all times .. so its not the dificulty, run or whatever.
I agree. My friends get at least a legendary every run or so and it will take me at least 4-5 before I get anything and again yes it's normally from a white chest (we know yellow ones suck now). So yeah, please fix this unfair issue or Blizzard just come out and say that some characters have better luck upon creation and I have no prob rolling another toon.
On Sunday I leveled with my buddy from lvl 4 to 59.
I played crusader, and he played DH.

He got 9 legendaries in the process of leveling, I got 2. One of the two legendaries that dropped for me rolled dexterity so I gave it to him. no joke.

04/08/2014 04:25 PMPosted by Fizzmopper
On Sunday I leveled with my buddy from lvl 4 to 59.
I played crusader, and he played DH.

He got 9 legendaries in the process of leveling, I got 2. One of the two legendaries that dropped for me rolled dexterity so I gave it to him. no joke.


04/07/2014 01:29 AMPosted by Darksiders
RNG only apply to the numbers and the affix that roll on the items and not on the drop rates themselves.

Completely wrong a tiny amount into a huge rant. RNG applies to anything that's based on a Random Number Generator. Drop rates don't scale up to 100% every kill that fails to drop a legendary. You could have a 50% chance for a legendary to drop, and *someone* in the world would go a run without a legendary. Just as you could have a 0.005% chance, and someone somewhere will get 5 in a row.

04/07/2014 01:52 AMPosted by GamerJes
RNG is not a word. At best, it is an acronym.

It's not even an acronym. Acronyms can be, and are intended to be pronounced. It's an initialism. An acronym is an initialism that you pronounce as a word, such as LASER or RADAR. You can't pronounce RNG, because RNG doesn't have any vowels.
got my 3849389048304 blackthorns set piece.... NOT ONE barb set piece drop yet.. this is ridiculous!!!!

I LOATHE that pos set!!!!
I am unsure why you all complain even a little. Look at my Wizard. I have over 800 hours, or about, and I quit back in 2012. That's right all the time from back then, well I had 707 hours at the point of quit and now at 800 since RoS came out.

I am still using one Legacy piece, a belt. Hard to replace. I will say I have pretty nice gear, but I cannot go beyond T2. I can but who wants to fight same mob forever. The first time I did a rift on T1 I spent 30 minutes killing the final boss, did not die once, but took forever.

I have been messing around with Magic Find to see it that helps with drops. It has taken a week to make 1 piece of Cain's, and now I cannot use it as I will not give up my Worship Gloves. Maghda will not drop tormented souls. I kill her 10 to 20 times a day from Normal to T1 and she simply will not drop a soul, guess she does not have one.

For the record, have not gotten a single legendary I can use from Rifts. I had one given to me, but not dropped one myself. I run bounties daily, looking for the Ring of royal Grandeur, I feel certain there is a two hour timer on legendaries. I hate the timer as when my time approaches I get a plan of some sort and the timer starts over. I am hoping when I get MF up over 200, which equals 10% of that 200, that it will make some difference, even if only some.
This post makes me sad. I don't personally find as much as I would like to but if I did, I'd have absolutely nothing to look forward to. When I do find what I'm looking for item wise, I will be that much more satisfied with it. How many people in Diablo 2 actually found a perfect Ethereal Herald of Zak, legit high runes, perfect ANYTHING for that matter. Hell it took me weeks to find 3 socket Superior archon armor for an Enigma. This is a time sink dungeon crawler people. Get used to it or go back to playing WoW where bosses DO drop guarenteed items. Stop LOOKING for the next item drop and just enjoy the game.
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04/07/2014 09:25 PMPosted by fingrknitter

F you and your RNG.

Maybe I'm fine with it because I don't take this game too seriously. The mystic gave me bugged stat ranges (said 700 intelligence was possible, could never get higher than 500 I assume. Coulda replaced life regen instead :/ )so I messed up rerolling my Witch Doctor Set Shoulders shoulders. How upset should I be?
after reading the first post, i want to add my opinion. I did not read all 18 pages, because im tired and i have no time.
Short statement: You are right!
All these people QQing about drops waaaaaaah you dont get a screen full of legs soon as you kill a single mob, try older d3 before loot and leg changes where it would take a week of farming to finding 1 leg worth using or selling.

Bunch of entitled ******
no one cares what you say tryhard.
I truly feel the same way. I can farm all day and have nothing to show for it while I know other who seem to just rake in the legendaries.

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