BLUE Please keep an eye open on MAC users.

Mac Technical Support
We are suffering CRASH, Severe Graphic Glitching and long time loading for a long long time.
Tried to hold on POWER button to force restart OS.

Can you believe that the sticky is still 2.0.2 Mac Known Issues which is one month ago?

Please, please let us know the status when we can get the update.
Is it very hard for BLUE?
They want you to try out patch 2.0.4 and report what issues are better, what are worse, etc. You got an update today, now they need feedback on it.
04/08/2014 10:43 AMPosted by MysticalOS
They want you to try out patch 2.0.4 and report what issues are better, what are worse, etc. You got an update today, now they need feedback on it.

nothing has gotten better. everything is worse.
04/08/2014 10:48 AMPosted by Trust
nothing has gotten better. everything is worse.

Patch has been live about 2-3 hours now and so far you're only one that says so, I'd like to verify more reports. I want to verify Smile has tried 2.0.4 yet.

Blizz put genuine effort into improving issues in 2.0.4 and they also said they may not be completely eliminated but that it should be better for most ( i think to truly eliminate it will require more work from windows side and possibly a 64 bit binary).
Just logged on a bit earlier, loading screens felt the same as before the update (feels like 5-10 seconds sometimes.) Checked to see if rifts were working and I was able to complete one, felt like it was fixed quite a bit compared to before. However, I went to portal back and it froze up on me and had to force quit.

I will continue testing rifts in the mean time to see if it was just a one time occurrence or if there's an issue.
I have been in the same situation ever since 2.0 went live. Very studdery, laggy, long load times, lockup occasionally when reviving in town or taking another player's flag. Can't even force quit. Have to hard reset my computer. I haven't been able to get an actual response on how to fix this issue. I keep getting the runaround answer: test your ping, test if your getting dropped information, update drivers, blah blah blah. Nothing has helped. I couldn't play HC if I wanted to.I get the 2-3 second pause where everything is still moving except you can't see my spell, then it speeds up and catches up to everything else. But in those 2-3 seconds, something could be hurting me and then I'm just dead when it resumes normal time.
Nothing changed after the patch, still crashing when resuming. A waste of time and money, again.
Yesterday i have played for 4-5 hours.
About 8 times crashed.
1 time hard freeze. I must hold power button to force restart.

The good news is Severe Graphic Glitching is gone.
The loading is still slower than 1.X.

BTW, can your guys add one protect that allow us to kill diablo process while freeze?
I sure love completing a rift and not getting to turn it in because the game crashes.

Or better yet, opening a rift and then crashing.

Blizzard sure do care about their customers

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