Opened bags, server crashed

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So I opened a bunch of Horadric Caches (12 to be exact) and a Mad Monarch's Scepter Dropped. I saw it when I opened my inventory after picking everything up. So then I went to salvage all the rares that I didn't want, but they weren't going away, they were just turning transparent. So the next thing I knew I got the message "Your client has been disconnected from the server."
So then I try and get back into the game and it says "Diablo III servers are busy, please try again later" or something to that effect. Nobody else was having this problem but me, so I exited the client and opened it again.
This time I couldn't even log in. It got stuck at "retrieving hero data" and then gave me the error message "There was an error loading the hero". It did this for about five minutes before I finally was able to log back in. When I got into the game I found that the bags were back in my inventory and rerolled. I opened the bags and the scepter was gone.

I'm extremely upset about this because I've been farming for days' worth of hours of bounties trying to find the scepter and it finally dropped, only for me to get kicked from the game because the server crashed and then it took it away. I know the answer is probably no, but I'd like for a blue to see if I can get the scepter back. Just an un-ID'd Mad Monarch's Scepter.
Wow...that sucks dude. :( I hope you farm one up soon. The servers are always so unstable and dropping people from their games. Blizzard is a mere shadow of what they used to be. :(

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