My crusader died........

Thank you, for taking the time to read it and many more thanks for sharing your opinion on it!

I appreciate everything you do, keep up the good work.
I appreciate the theatrical nature of your post :P
I feel this video is fitting to this thread.

I have not had the honor of having a glorious death... yet :(
Wish i could share same story but my last wiz died from reasonL.. unknown....
I love stories like this. I'm more than glad you shared.
-2 for trying to0 hard.

+2 for trying to be creative
Great read!!!

Plan on making LordofSummer?
Your deeds of valor will be remembered
This is the reason I play hardcore! Games like Dwarf fortress( which is an epic fairytale story generator in an rpg platform with elements of real time strategy. When you die, your final moments always tell a great story. I go by the dwarf fortress motto, "it's fun to die!"

Good show and enjoy!~
Nice! I had my 70 barbarian die a few days ago and it wasn't so glorious. Running through act 4 bounties I encountered a elite group of hammers with frozen, little did I know that they would freeze me for 15 seconds straight. It was nonstop frozen balls, one after another. No chance to heal, no chance to move, just got to sit there jamming q and watch my love die. At least the gloves of worship no longer give 60 minute run speed buffs, that was the real thing I felt I had lost, but now that they are nerfed anyway I'm fine with it. At least I still got my 2 pairs of legacy Ice Climbers, since there is no replacing those.
This is the best story about HC death..Well, never walk alone!
My two bug and one disconnect deaths were totally worth it for the moments the game makes me feel like that. Hardcore is the only way to fly. With all its faults and out of control risks, it is a much more rewarding experience than softcore in both life and death.
By Grabthar's hammer, by the sons of Worvan, you shall be avenged. .... Galaxy Quest
glory to the fallen!!!!
This is kind of the experience I think we all hope for in the event that we lose a character. It's the thrill of the hunt, the glory of battle, the heroic end. Your guy went out like a true Crusader. He redeemed his faith's sins in his final moments, saving his allies, people who are different from him, yet alike.

I think that's great. The kind of moments only HC can give you.
Mine died to an Arcane Sentry. Nowhere near so glorious, stuck solo in a cave.

Great attitude, great story. It's a major reason we play HC.
Let me tell you about my two deaths today. My game froze and I couldn't do anything until all of a sudden my characters found themselves 20 feet away surrounded by mobs and dead. This happened twice today, during NORMAL MODE. FIX YOUR !@#$ING SERVERS.

This is the reason hardcore is great. I'm sure your heart was beating like crazy throughout. Great read and its nice to see that death is just part of hardcore. In the words of Kormak: "That was a worthy foe... GLORIOUS!"
I .. tears... I feels... I FEELS

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