Error 395002

Technical Support
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add me to the list...
Updated the launcher as requested....can't get in. It seems if you are already in the game, you are safe.
Blizzard! What's going on!
Getting this during server authentication.
Same issue here
04/10/2014 02:33 PMPosted by eDARKO
I updated the launcher and now I'm in the same boat as everyone else it seems.

Lesson Learned from this: Never update the launcher.
WTF 395002!
Same, after I was prompted to restart battlenet I can no longer log in
same....just wanted to come home and play...apparently not
ya updated launcher now i cannot log in same error code.
I also have Error 395002. First time i logged in today. Began about 10 minutes ago (when i first tried logging in).
Another one with the same error. Hanging on retrieving character. Australia end.
Same for me....
Updated launcher and same code as everyone else
same error :(
me too
Me too
Yup, I allowed the launcher to update 15 minutes ago since it required it to log back in. Now all I get is the error code when retrieving hero list.

"You thought I had forgotten about you? I have now evolved to level 395002 and nothing can stop me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" - Error 37.

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