Legendary source/mojo dmg nerf intentional or not?

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still nothing happened??
blue reply would be appreciated.
Keeping this thread alive, complete injustice.
blues, help us out, plz?
Still not fixed... What the hell... Does blizzard even care?
Have not played my wiz for a week and just noticed her source damage is now 103-107 and it used to be 307 - 353. However, when I log in to the game the correct damage is displayed and my character damage remains unchanged. Was this an online profile bug or did it actually affect in game stats?
@KillerElite There is a display bug on the online profiles, which is a meh, whatever situation as it does not affect game play. The issue at hand is the allowable range (min to max) for damage on legendary sources and mojos is now the same as rare versions of said items. Items that rolled above, say, 400 have been been changed retroactively to less than that to fit this range. Mouse over your item while holding the CTRL button and again a rare that may be available to you to see what I mean. What's also kinda confusing is that Cosmic Strand is now showing this new, lower range http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/cosmic-strand - so we just want to know if this is an intentional change to these items or a big oops... either way, we'd like to know what's up.

edit: a word
A blue response to this would be nice, being a witch doctor and all...
8 days since last blue post.

I guess we can say this will be addressed "SOON"™
Bumpity bump!
Blizz is too busy figuring out which items to nerf next to address your peasant issues
soon ™
blues dont know anything, they just say things and delay topics until we forget
Blizz devs busy figuring out how to make this seem like a "fix".
Dont expect any blue to answer. Look on the threads where a blue had posted. All just nonsense fan boy posts like "LOVE ROS", "THX BLIZZ LOV YA", "D3 FINALLY AWESOME!!11". Also look into the bug report forum, hundreds of bugs and no blue answers to any of them. RoS is out, they dont need to work on it anymore (much).
four score and seven years ago, fix our !@#$%^- source/mojo damage already

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