Odyn Son > Thunderfury?

I just tried out my Odyn Son and was completely surprised by the INSANE dmg. The proc crits for up to 5 mil, while Thunderfury only hits for about half of that.

Are there any numbers on the dmg, enemies hit or internal cooldown?

And does it proc more often when in the mainhand?
They stealth buffed OS in the last patch by making it work on single targets. But I am not sure how it compares to TF.
It all depends on the rolls, a 2200dps 20% lightning 40% proc odyns will outdamage a 2400dps Thunderfury, but it's much harder to get a perfect odyn that TF as TF always rolls with a socket.

It also depends on how much lighting % you have, the more you have the better odyns gets while TF stays the same.
damn I had a odyn son when RoS first launched but thought nothing of it, due to the weapon being a mace, and salvaged :(......
04/13/2014 02:01 PMPosted by MynameisVIC
damn I had a odyn son when RoS first launched but thought nothing of it, due to the weapon being a mace, and salvaged :(......

I am a monk, and I found one. I was so excited when I was id'ing it.

Spawned with...

1800 dmg
500 strength
life on hit
crappy rate.

I wanted to throw up :-/
Found 2 of those Odyn's, both utter crap. Guess I will have to wait for a 3rd!
I too would like confirmation of Odyn Son's current status.

I've noticed that the procs deal massive damage (sometimes upwards of 7mil on crits). They do go off fairly frequently too. The big question is whether the Odyn Son proc is affected by bonus lightning damage?

I don't have a TF for comparison, but I would certainly value those who are lucky enough to have both.
i have both TF and Odyn's Son. Works wonders. Hitting 7-9m per proc/per mob. Add as much lightning damage to your gears. That should help.

My profile set has not included my EOTS - Helm yet. It has additional 30% lightning damage to light up these babies ^^.
that attack speed tho =/

Have a pretty good one


730 dex

19% lightning

37% proc


But.. attack speed is too addicting
I've just run some preliminary testing on bonus lightning damage.

Ran two sets of gear with similar paper dps- one with about +60% lightning damage (excluding the built-in Odyn Son bonus) and another with no bonus lightning damage other than Odyn Son.

The results are extremely similar... I cannot confidently say I found a difference in proc rates or damage/proc between either gear sets. Can anybody confirm my findings?

But holy cow, have they buffed this thing. It hits on single targets now and the procs hit significantly harder.
This is super encouraging since I just got a halfway decent one to drop, with a socket even!

Still want a TF and SoH, but this will work for now! :)
I've had 5 Odyn's drop for me and none were one reroll away from being "good" (18/30+%, dex, socket, 2k+ dps) so I kept the 'best' one for proc testing. But if that ever does happen, I suspect the numbers will be much closer. My build would actually prefer a slower weapon, so I will probably switch if I find a decent one someday. (or if they nerf SoH and TF/OS becomes the new hotness!)
hmm, so if I have a 2100 dps odyns with only 15% lightning damage, dex and a socket, should I be using that over the complete shen longs set?
I am currently running both ThunderFury and Odyn Son and it's fairly amazing as Hotsoz said.

The rolls on both of mine are far from the greatest (which is a bonus to me cause I get excited if I'm ever to find another of either since it can potentially be better) but I am able to confidently run T4 without much of an issue. It has actually been so good I am considering using it with SoH when I get mine over TF.

As stated before when the Proc goes of the damage is massive. I'm sitting at about 78% Lightning dmg boost and still need a few items (the monk lightning helm and a SOJ) which should take me over that next hurdle.
Odyn's Son rolls are random. I've seen so many bad ones drop without a primary and socket. Thunderfury is nice because of the guaranteed primary and socket. I've personally dropped two Odyn's Sons without a primary and witnessed many more in clan/from links from friends. That said, it has wonderful potential if you get a good roll.
I have a middling one with a bad lightning % roll and the thing hits like a truck, especially with MoC. I'm talking like 8-9m+ crits here.

I don't have a TF to compare it too, though.
i have a ~1970dps thunderfury that I am not sure if I should be using over my odyns..
Thunderfury for lyfe!

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